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There are two things I like in life. Street Fighter and TF2... Everything else takes the back seat.



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Low Tier Rise Up!

By: Nahnners May 15, 2011 | 10 Comments

People need to start playing anybody but Ryu and Ken!

    I have been playing street fighter 4 RELIGIOUSLY since it came out in 2009. I bought an xbox 360 just to play it (actually 3 xboxes when you count all the RRODs I've endured) I went halfsies with a friend on SSf4 last spring and we raced home from the video game store faster than I have ever driven. So much in that game makes sense to me. I love the moves, the depth, the art, look, balance, dan- but one thing has driven me crazy about street fighter 4 (besides overpriced sequels). Too many online players use RYU! I know I am speaking the obvious here, but to those of you who play ryu and ken (who I mind less but is still overused), isn't it frustrating to loose a match and know that you are using the most well rounded character in the game? Or the fact that half of your games are mirror matches? To me these characters are overpowered and bland, much like main-stream music. I would much prefer to win using fuerte or hakan or dan or makoto or ANYONE ELSE, because unlike Ryu, they have style.... But I guess I stand alone.


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Super Street Fighter Freakin 4 AE!

By: Nahnners May 15, 2011 | 8 Comments

I love street fighter, but I have my issues..

So SSF4AE is coming out June 7th. I am very excited to see my main characters get buffed (Makoto, Gouken). That being said, why is it that we get 4 more male characters who are mostly the same? I am willing to pay 15 bucks just to get the buffs for my characters, but c'mon! I am basically paying for broken character fixes (which is definitely bs, but what else can I do?) If I could have a minute with Capcom I would have to ask why they charge their poor loyal fans over and over?

Oh well I'm hooked! Nothing can be done...

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