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  • Yeah was hoping you would put those up ^^I already caved and got Fez for 400 and... Dec 20, 2012
  • Very nice indeed ^^You guys rock with the bonus games as well ^^ Appreciate it Nov 3, 2012
  • Looks real nice ^^ Good job Gouki!! Nov 3, 2012
  • Looks amazing and the music was awesome too ^^ Oct 21, 2012
  • Thanks for the updates as always man ^^@gouki whats wrong with Witcher 2? I hea... Oct 9, 2012
  • I can't believe I missed this giveaway!! Been trying to win this game for a whil... Sep 30, 2012
  • Hahaha yo guys I can't not double space. I use Chrome on a mac but whenever I h... Sep 28, 2012
  • Been hearing good stuff about Rock Band Blitz.They had a one day Games on Demand... Aug 28, 2012
  • The only problem I have with this series is that each one looks visually the sam... Aug 18, 2012
  • Hey thanks for the official link to explain what and how you become Jimmy of the... Aug 17, 2012
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Not so humble not so indie Humble THQ Bundle ^^

Basically you can get Saints Row the Third, Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction Armageddon, Company of Heroes plus 2 expansions for beating the average which is 5.72 right now.  If you are a pc gamer you would be crazy to miss this.  As a mac gamer.... I will have to pass.

Actually happy though because my list of backburner games is getting too long.

For every other normal gamer ^^ Enjoy ^^

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Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown 600msp/7.50 on xbla!

By: genxsis83 Oct 2, 2012 | 2 Comments

Sale going on this week.

You would be crazy not to pick this up at this price.

I was waiting for this deal but didn't expect to see it so soon!

Enjoy guys!

Also Street Fighter 3 and SSF2T HD is on sale as well ^^

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Humble Bundle 6 is the best yet! Includes original Torchlight!

By: genxsis83 Sep 27, 2012 | 5 Comments | Updated: Sep 27, 2012

The new humble bundle is awesome!

Now I own about 4 copies of the original Torchlight.

Yeah... I'm a bit weird. Anyways the newest Humble Bundle is one of the best ones yet.






if you pay more than 6 dollars


Bit Trip Runner

Gratuitous Space Battles

JamesTown and


If you got these separately on Steam I think it would cost more than 100 dollars. If you play games you owe it to everyone to get this ^^


ps long time no see guys ^^ been cutting down on my web surfing time ^^

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New cinematic trailer for WoW Kung Fu Panda Expansion ^^

By: genxsis83 Aug 17, 2012 | 4 Comments

A new cinematic trailer released for the newest expansion.

Hahaha I don't know what to say.  It really looks too much like Kung Fu Panda.

I don't know if I should be in awe or should be laughing.  This game is really on its last leg.

Still I enjoyed the trailer and thought the panda looked pretty cool ^^

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Story Image's E3 Swag + Jimmy of the Month prize arrived!!!!

By: genxsis83 Aug 15, 2012 | 10 Comments

Just wanted to show how awesome is ^^

This is probably one of the best if not the best prize on won on the intarweb!!!!  Thumbs up and mad props to for being so generous.  The shipping fees were expensive overseas.

Once again thank you!!! I will enjoy the games and the goodies!

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