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  • I swear to play WOW a lot less! Miss ya homies... Apr 1, 2010
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  • All I gotta say is come one come all I'm the reigning gouki.com champion so anyo... Feb 19, 2010
  • Yo some people just don't like to read! Feb 19, 2010
  • My japanese is rusty, but I'm assuming its good news! Thx bro Feb 16, 2010
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Mass Effect 2 Re-View

By: iguapo Jul 10, 2010 | 2 Comments

Mass Effect 2 is a beautifully written story that keeps you coming back for more

          Ok what up Gouki.com peeps? It iGUAPO here...I, unlike a lot of people I know don't have so much time to get games and beat em as soon as I get em. I usually have a stack of 2-3 unopened games. So I think I will start doing a review of games that have been out for a bit. First one up Mass Effect 2.
          What can I say about it? Its awesome! It's literally like a movie that you control, not only physically but morally, as you will have to make many decisions along the way that will affect the outcome of the game. The main premise of the game is that you've been brought back to life by a company called cerberus. You cost like a billion dollars and now have been entrusted with figuring out who and what has been kidnapping human colonies. Then you go around collecting potential shipmates, which is a lot of fun as they did a great job in creating great and interesting characters. After you recruit someone, then they each ask you to help them with a personal problem and if you do it you gain their loyalty. That's the pattern of the game, in the end you and your crew embark on a "suicide mission". All in all I highly recommend this game! It's a an extremely well written sci-fi story with a lot of "oh shit!" moments to satisfy anyone. Its got hours of dialogue and you will find yourself immersed in the world and struggles that many of the characters endure. Don't be a JIMMY! and do yourself a favor and play it!

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Confessions of a WOW-AHOLIC

By: iguapo Apr 6, 2010 | 4 Comments

The sad confessions of an addict, that doesn't want to quit...

Aw shit...I did it again, its 6am and I'm still up. My eyes are bloodshot, my nose is running, my hands are shaking...The only thing that will make me feel good is just one more hit...no its not cocaine, or heroine, something that would be less addictive then what I'm on! It's World of Warcraft, and the one more hit that I'm craving is to run one more dungeon, or level up.

Ok so I'm not that bad, but I can say with no shame that this game is almost like having a second job, or some may call it an addiction. I say nay! to all the haters and shit talkers! WOW is one of the coolest and fun games that I have ever played in my life. Why is that you may ask? Well...

First of all the game starts out very simple and then grows as you do. The main premise of the game is to create a character and to level him/her through various quests, and accomplishments. Later on you can run dungeons or raids (A dungeon with 10/25 people.) Why run these? For the precious LOOT! Oh how we love getting a new piece of armor or a new weapon. These give us the ability to enter higher dungeons to get even better gear, and so on.

Once you reach level 80 which is currently the level cap, then the game actually begins. You gain access to many awesome and challanging dungeons that are filled with cool bosses, that all have a different way to kill, that must have teamwork in order to succeed. Once you kill a boss he drops loot, if it's a rare item you choose greed if you wanna sell it and you roll dice, but if your character can use it as an upgraded weapon/armor then you roll need for it and that gets priority over greed. All who rolls need and the highest number on the dice wins. Yes! My gear score just went up!!

The teamwork is a lot of fun in this game. To properly run a dungeon you have 5 people/ The leader is the tank who's job is to collect all the aggro from the enemies, Then you have 3 DPS or damage per second, they only attack the enemies. Then you have the healer who chills in the back and heals the party.

Alright I may have bored you to death and I could go into all the professions, and all the other things to do but I'd really lose you then! I love this game and belong to an awesome guild! I play with marines, stoners, hot chicks, Moms, Dads, and people like you and me. We talk on mikes through a program called ventrillo, and I promise you its some of the best times I've ever had. I wrote this article to try to give a little insight of the fun of this ever evolving game. The world is alive and is never the same due to BLIZZARD constantly changing the game, and adding content. Shit for 14.99 a month they better do something!

Hey with all honesty, I ask that you try it, there's a reason why 11 million people play it. Top 10 celebritys that do? 10-Dave Chappelle, 9-William Shattner, 8-Mr T...like you didnt know by now, 7-Verne Troyer, 6-Kevin Warbach....Who?  one of President Obama's assistants. 5&4-Matt stone , and Trey parker, 3-Jay Mohr, 2- Macaulay Culkin...Douche, 1-Mila Kunis...Yeah unless you're a Turd Burgler then you know how hot she is. Come join us...

World of Warcraft on sale now!

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Sony announces merger with Micrsoft!

By: iguapo Apr 1, 2010 | 2 Comments

Sony to defer to Microsofts's XBOX

At 1pm eastern standard time a behind closed door meeting of Microsoft CEO Bill Gates and Sony CEO Howard Stringer concluded after about 2 hours time. Although what was said is not 100% sure what is known is that Sony will sell Its right to the PS3 to Microsoft! Coupled by the loss of many "Exclusive" rights of games, and the Xbox live community being so much better then Sony's. The PS3 has struggled since its release. The XBOX and Wii systems proved too much for Sony to compete with. The exact details of the deal are not known, but what we do know is that Microsoft will receieve the rights to BLUE RAY TECHNOLOGY and the last of PS3's exclusive games. ie God of War, Metal Gear, Little big Planet Etc Etc. Sony decided this was necessary to survive in the video gaming world. Along with this deal Sony cannot launch a new system for 5 years! Although they may develop one. This is huge news and gives way to a future Xbox with a blue ray player, making it perhaps the perfect video gaming system! Perhaps in PROJECT NATAL?

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Video Games?

By: iguapo Mar 24, 2010 | 8 Comments

Video Games...Why do you play?

Video games?...Or shall I pronounce it veedeeyo games, as my russian girlfriend  says in her cute accent that seems to not be so cute when she's yelling at me to stop playing my games. You see, Many people think that video games involves sitting mindless in front of a tv/computer screen like a zombie mashing a bunch of buttons wasting our day away. But, to me and many of my friends, and millions of people around the world, its not just entertainment its a WAY OF LIFE.

You guys remember Coleco Vision,? How about the amazing Atari system that launched with a library of 6 games and cost $199!! The one that I fell in love with was the very first Nintendo system. Oh how I can remember the day when my father bought me mario bros, and later on Zelda, to what would turn out to be a lifelong love and appreciation for gaming. Then super nintendo, Genesis, ha ha even the horrible Sega Cd. Then N64, Gamecube and Sony and Microsoft's breakthrough Playstation 1, then 2. Of course XBOX!  Now we arrive to today's "Next Generation Gaming" Where were you the day that the XBOX 360 droppped? I myself spent the night at my local target that had only exactly 10 360's, and when I arrived I was exactly number 10. Some girl at the front of the line said that she was holding an extra spot for her boyfriend...Hell no bitch I told her that if he's not here right now then too bad! I then proceeded to set up my camp and guard my spot like a madman daring anyone to take my spot, because I would not be denied. I did get my 360, and loved it. Today I now have an ELITE 360 and a PS3. Sadly my Wii was stolen! In seeing how much video games have evolved so quickly, and with things like PROJECT NATAL in the future, its exciting to see what the future holds.

Why do you play? To compete? Cause you're bored? For the challange? Today's gaming is not only a way to unveil many thoughtful storylines, as well as beautiful graphics and cinematics. But, gaming has become a way to bring people together with the amazing online community created. It has brought people together that normally would never have had anything else in the world  in common with each other, except their love of gaming. I met Jimmy[GoukiJones] at work and became friends with him through talking about gaming. I had the amazing honor to meet Kyle Desmond, AKA Kdigga...He was my first XBOX LIVE friend, and one of the greatest and most couragous people I have ever met. In any other circumstances we would have never met. But, because of gaming I had the opportunity to share many laughs, play as a team, talk sports, and most importantly...call him my friend. You see guys? No matter what it's an even playing field, everyone who can play is equal, Kdigga wasn't a man in a wheelchair to me, He was a great friend that was the same as me and you...RIP bro, I miss you.

I have bad knees so sports are something that I can't do right now unfortunately, I get my competitive fix through gaming. Along the way I have met many great friends that share the same passion as me. Its not a mindless past time! And that's why I play...Why do you?

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Calling all Halo players Mythic map pack II

By: iguapo Feb 13, 2010 | 7 Comments

Damn what a jimmy...

So get this...

I haven't played my xbox in a few days so imagine my surprise and delight when I turn it on and I see on the front page "Calling All Halo Players"! of course I'm gonna check it out.

Well it ends up being new maps, or so it seems... 

It ends up being the same ones that Halo 3: ODST came with ughh! I downloaded them like a noob and I'm out 10 bucks. I can't believe the Xbox 360 can't remember the fact that I own ODST. Whatever my bad, don't make the same mistake as me and look like a major jimmah.

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