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iorilamia Posted by: iorilamia Feb 16, 2011 | 6 comments
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If you aren't familiar, this is a sequal to American McGee's Alice ; a really tripped out 3rd person computer horror game. This sequel will be on 360,ps3 and pc.

YES! A new trailer for Alice : Madness returns is even darker than the others, unfortunately the release date for this game is still estimated Quarter 4 of this year. I've been following this game for a while and hopefully you guys get into it aswell. Basically it's 11 years after the first game, Alice is released from insane asylum and gets with a psychiatrist ,but the memories of her parents death and hallucinations go wild. She tries to find peace once again in Wonderland, but once again her insanity messes the place up. So it's up to Alice to find out how her parents really died, and to save herself a long with the people of Wonderland. Enjoy the trailers below :D

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NEWEST! Teaser Trailer 3




So what you guys think of the trailers? Did you play the original game or is this getting you interested? Leave a comment below :D


Alice Madness Returns

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Release Date: Jun 14, 2011

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