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Metroid: Other M

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Release Date: Aug 31, 2010

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Metroid: Other M is a video game in development by Team Ninja and Nintendo SPD Production Group 1 (collectively called "Project M") for the Wii. It was announced by Nintendo of America president and CEO Reggie Fils-Aime and a trailer was briefly shown during the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2009. The game features both 2D and 3D gameplay in both first- and third-person perspectives. Release date is unconfirmed.

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$35 free shipping out the door tomorrow. Don't be a Jimmy. Metroid: Other M for $35 and free shipping.

Every once in a while we may post games that we've bought to review and aren't ever going to play again. Like Metroid: Other M. $35 with free shipping is lower than any other price I have seen. ----I just erased two sentences about why I hated this game so much. This game I'm trying to sell. lol.

I hope you get your monies worth. did with their Golden Video review.

Metroid: Other M for the Nintendo Wii - $35 free shipping.


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Metroid: Other M Golden video review FNJimmy

By: goukijones Sep 7, 2010 | 4 Comments

FNJimmy from reviews Metroid: Other M. Actual gameplay footage from FNJimmy. He also shares some tips and shows you a few secrets. Not really, it's Jimmy. He is amazed.

Kmart has the Deal of the week again when you purchase Red Dead Redemption or Mafia II ... there's a catch though.

Deal of the Week

In-store only. 

Red Dead Redemption with a $20 coupon at Kmart.  Red Dead is going to be the game of the year. Unless you are a Jimmy and would rather play a Ninja Gaiden from 2 years ago.

Mafia II with a $20 coupon at Kmart.  While you're picking up Red Dead, might as well get Mafia II too. The next game you buy at Kmart will be like $22 with tax. Stolen! All my receipts from Kmart are less than retail. I have two that are less than $25. I am saving money there. 

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You can save the same amount of money if you shop for games online. Amazon does free shipping which is a bonus, if you don't like to leave the house like me. I'm pwnn all day everyday, I ain't got time to drive a million miles to the store. Amazon also offers release day shipping, which works very well. I have never missed a release day shipping delivery. It's only one dollar more than the regular shipping, usually. 

Red Dead Redemption as low as $44.99. Always get free shipping. So for an extra $5 here, you don't have to leave the house. Wink face.

Starcraft II PRICE CUT!! If you want to play this and don't have it yet, you are a Jimmy.

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