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Release Date: Mar 5, 2013

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Some 20 years after the first SimCity, now winding roads are a reality. Gone are the days when all cities were like any U.S. city with orthogonal road networks. What remains is the classification for residential, commercial and industrial, which has added the graphic detail with much love. As soon as you place a new residential area, the construction workers built the homes of bottom-up, followed by the arrival of the cars of the new owners moving so diligently to begin to save their belongings in their new home. All this is accompanied by live, work, and car noises. -Smooth interface, and a new soft melody, If you decrease the zoom of the camera and build a coal power plant on the outskirts of the city. After the workers complete their work, you'll see that the delivered coal on a conveyor belt travels in the building. So we can see at a glance whether a power plant and all other buildings are fine.


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EA released a new video showing bridges & tunnels. This is great, doesn't look like it's going to help in any way to alleviate your traffic problems. The "Sims" will still take the shortest route possible.

I'm so mad about this game. It's 1 of my favorite series of all time. It's 1 of my first childhood memories as a gamer. This new version was an absolute travesty. I haven't played in months. All of the add-ons released for it cost ridiculous amounts of money & from what I hear break the game even more. I'll load it up again 1 of these days, but I can't make any guarantees when I see videos like this. Tunnels & brigdes to nowhere? Really?! 

Thanks for watching. 

What sort of odd love hate relationship do I have going on with the Sim City? I don't have a clue, but I'm gonna just blither & blather about my experinces the last 2 week. I have a special video for you & some great pics.

The first 3 or 4 days after I received the game -it was on launch day- I couldn't even play by myself. Finally about a week later most of the server issues were fixed. Most. I've only ever been a multiplayer game once. Then I couldn't get back onto that server & never found that game again. So so much playing with other people. I've built entire regions by myself now & I know I am missing out on playing with other people. That pisses me off. There's no filter to search for games or even a queue to get in line for. Shit, I'll was days if I have to just to get into a game. There's a list of games to join, but every game is always full. You can scroll thru them & I've been all the way to the bottom. Oh, there's a few open games in there, but when I click on them, it tells me I don't have the right version or something to play this city. NICE!

All the text pouring out of me & I haven't even started to talk about how broken the actual game is. Once I kept getting warning that Sims won't travel thru my town on the train because it was connected to the region. Ok, I build a second train station & attach it to my infrastructure. Nothing. No Sims coming on the train. As I look closer, I notice that the track is broken on the OUTSIDE of my boundary. Nothing I can do about that.

Another time I'm told that train service has stopped:

No shit! Nice U-turn asshole. The trains can make 90 degree turns, just not U-turns. 

Yeah I could just bulldoze that piece of the railroad, BUT that would also blow up the train station & I didn't have another 40k to rebuild the train station. Deal with it the game says. Roads & tracks & bulldozing is a whole-nother-shits. Bulldozing anything next to a road destroys it. That $90,000 police station you just built that is 1 square to far to the right & you can't connect your road to it the way you want. You're fucked. Deal with it. No do over or undo button in this Sim City. 

The graphics are great & they just break sometime. They also really slow down when too much shit is going on at once. One of my favorite features is the real time charts & graphs you can look at the overlay right on top of your city, but if you're looking at the crime date & have the trade graph open & there's a 100k+ Jimmys in your town, the game is gonna slow up a lil. 

Look carefully, first there's a train track that goes right into a dirt wall. (All of the traffic is so fucked up) Second where the fuck did this mountain come from & why is there building on top of it. It gets better you see the Trade Headquarters right next to it?

Yeah for some reason this town was fucked & buildings were building on top of other buildings. I can't believe I just typed that. Look at that straight up dirt mound. Sims would come out of that building & just fall down to the street. Look at the building next to it from the picture above. It's a full-on luxury tower with Sims coming out & driving right off the cliff to go to work. Not to mention that train that blasts thru that dirt wall every few seconds. Eventually I abandoned this town. 

Other graphical issues. Some building would just wig out.

That building shouldn't glow like that. You can see my cursor over something else. 

You also get these roads to nowhere that are jam packed with traffic. Trains would do the same shit.

Going back to how fucked the traffic is sometimes. There is only 1 way in & out of each city. You can see traffic backed up for miles outside of your city. So far I have been terrible at trying to funnel the traffic into the city. It's not like managing actual humans tho. In Sim City the Sims just go to the first house, job or shop they see. They have absolutely 0 personality. It's like the Matrix they are just running a program. This system works great for the service, but not at all for the Sims. 

I was actually just playing just now & completely lost what I was doing. 

My most profitable city was LOSING over 20K at 1 point.

Mostly becuase I got on the Ore & Coal train right away on this city. You can see 5 mines working at once.This city died eventually ran out of water. WTF am I supposed to with no fucking water in the entire region?

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We discuss Generations 1 Fighting Game Tournament at Insert Coins & other ridiculousness from the world of Video Games. There is also some FSW chatter. How terrible is EA with releasing games? Just ask GoukiJones about Sim City ...

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