Sin & Punishment: Star Successor

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Sin & Punishment: Star Successor

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Release Date: Jun 27, 2010

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An online international leaderboard lets players see how their scores stack up against players from other countries, and unlock even more points by figuring out and performing coin and medal-achieving tricks Fight from the sky or the ground using the precision control abilities of the Wii Remote-Nunchuk combination, the Classic Controller, the Classic Controller Pro, Nintendo Gamecube controller or the Wii Zapper Choose from two playable characters, Isa and Kachi, each with unique combat abilities The better a player's skills, the more multiplier points are earned, and the higher the overall score. Players will want to play the game again and again to beat their personal best on each level Multiplayer option allowing a second player can join the fight to dish out twice the punishment

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I hate the Wii-mote and that shouldn't be a secret anymore. I know you can use the classic controller to play this game, but what really works better?

When I first sat do to play Sin and Punishment Star Successor (SPSS) I tried the game with the classic controller. I wouldn't even buy it unless I knew for sure I could use the classic controller. Through all of the smoke and mirrors, I did not observe that the co-op gameplay is nothing more than player 2 pointing only the Wii-mote at the screen with an automatic fire. So I felt a little mislead and a lot stupid after this discovery, because I intended to play with a friend.

Guess what, didn't matter. When I did play that first time I was by myself. After I shuffled through the settings and tried to understand everything, I started up the first mission. The "training" mission. In and out pwn the trianing missions boss. After a short and pretty cool cutscene - the game has great graphics for the Wii - the action moves seamlessly into the next mission. I didn't even realize that I was supposed to start shooting right away.

Enter FNJimmy for some 2 player SPSS action. I let Jimmy learn how to play by doing the training mission. I took a shit. I came back out to see how he was doing. Then to my horror, I watch FNJimmy die during the training mission. Jesus Christ. It's the training mission Jimmy!

I grabbed the second player Wii-mote and jumped into help Jimmy. I had to explain everything, even though I'm sure the training mission just showed him how to do the moves. We beat the second and third boss that night and Jimmy only died 3 times while playing the other missions. Not bad.

The game is cool and I found myself just starring at the screen trying to shoot everything and keep up with the action. The co-op is great, but it works. I think both players can get the good feeling of a shooter here. It's fun. More to come on SPSS.

Don't be a Jimmy!

You know what Bungie day is, right Jimmy? 7 of 7?! Halo 3?! Crackdown 2 and a Nintendo Wii game? WTF is going here. will be looking for some extra Jimmys to play Crackdown 2 with starting right now.

What up to Estrada and Big Merkle! Lets play some Halo 3. It's Bungie day 7 of 7. Every year this happens and you can win prizes sometimes based on your performance.

Also finally going to get to play Sin and Punishment Star Successor. Which I've wanted to play since it's release and today I finally got it. Got a helluva deal to Jimmy. Deals Jimmy!

I still gotta finish Red Dead Redemption. I also intend to start God of War III sometime this week. Maybe play some Naughty Bear.

EVO is this weekend and if you want a chance to duel the fighter leave a message on this story and make sure your profile has your Xbox 360 Gamertag linked to it. This is happening Wednesday night Jimmy so don't miss out on your chance to get pwnd by a real Street Fighter player.


If Naughty Bear is the game of the week, Kmart has the deal of the week ...

There are a couple of decent games coming out this week. The first action on store shelves since pre E3. Naughty Bear is definitely a game that snuck up on me. I saw Naughty Bear at E3, I had just learned about it a week before the big show. Singularity looks like a BioShock rip off it's made by those Jimmys that made Wolfenstein last year. I'll be giving that a show too. Toys R Us has buy one get one half off on Nintendo Wii this week, I haven't decided if I'm going to pick up Star Successor and Tatsunoko Vs Capcom just yet. I still have a $25 gift card from Red Dead. 

Here's this weeks Deals Jimmy!

Deal of the week ... Be smart be Kmart smart!!

Naughty Bear from Kmart is only $34.99! Stolen

Kmart also has Singularity for $60, but you get a $25 gaming coupon and a voucher to get Prototype in the mail, which is at least worth $10. This deal is IN-STORE only. So get your ass up and out the door, if you want the best deal for Singularity.

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Sin Punishment Star Successor

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