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Release Date: Feb 28, 2012

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In SSX, players take on the role of a member of a team seeking to snowboard down a variety of real-world mountains, such as in the Himalayas and the Antarctic. Gameplay will include helicopter drops, avalanches, and the use of wingsuits. On June 3rd, EA released the first gameplay trailer since the first trailer in 2010 on GameTrailers TV with Geoff Keighley. The trailer released for the 2011 E3 convention confirmed the return of SSX veteran Mackenzie "Mac" Fraser.
The mapping and level design for SSX will be vastly different from previous entries in the franchise, featuring more open world gameplay and less barriers or invisible walls. EA Canada used geotagging data borrowed from NASA to generate 27 mountains from about 9 existing mountain ranges around the world. This data was only used as the basis for the level design, and the developers created their own terrain on top of it. Players will be able to use helicopters to travel to various locations on the individual mountains.
Recent footage released on June 5, 2011 shows pre-alpha gameplay.  Shown in the footage are helicopters, objectives, a new turquoise User Interface, much more extensive maps with increased graphical innovations such as improved shadowing and snow-spray, the return of the "combo" system allowing the build-up of trick points, commentary, dialogue, races, trick point competitions and graffiti.

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New SSX video details different game modes

By: BatRastered Jan 13, 2012 | 2 Comments

Just six short weeks away from launch, here is everything you need to know about the reality-defying experience waiting for you in the massive world of SSX. Plus, the exclusive reveal of GeoTags. This is SSX!


SSX is coming Feb 28 to Xbox 360 and PS3


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SSX delayed two weeks, gets new gameplay video

By: BatRastered Dec 22, 2011 | 6 Comments

SSX is delayed, but only two weeks to Feb 28, 2012. In the meantime, EA has released a new gameplay video that has the game looking more like the old SSX Tricky than ever before.

When they first announced this game at the VGAs (2010) and called it "Deadly Descents" it looked way too serious. I was decidedly "Not Hyped". Now it's starting to look more and more like Tricky...

If you don't know SSX Tricky was the best SSX, so anything they can do to make this game more like that is worth it. I don't know about this remix of the Tricky song though... you think you better than DJ Run? Sheeeet.

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SSX Deadly Descents Pre-Order Deals Announced.

By: iorilamia Aug 15, 2011 | 5 Comments

See what the SSX franchise has to offer as pre-order bonus.

SSX Deadly Descents still isn't due till January 2012, but that doesn't stop them from announcing super early pre-orders. First off, we have the divided retailer bonuses. Pre Order from:

Origin- receive Elise’s Elite snowboard and a bonus boost.

Amazon- receive Mac’s Elite snowboard and a bonus boost

Best-Buy - receive Zoe’s Elite snowboard and a bonus boost

Wallmart- receive Kaori’s Elite snowboard and a bonus boost

But that's not it, every pre-order comes with the character  Eddie Wachowski, his elite board and a boost!

A long with most of the cast, he got a  HUGE makeover.

As excited as I was to hear that there will be some sort of bonus, it also feels pretty lame. Eddie (who is usually a regular character) will be a Legendary Rider, meaning he is un-lockable. Also Legendary Boards were a pain to get, even just for one rider, but that is what kept up a lot of the motivation to play and earn more stuff. Not sure what the bonus boost is, but pre-ordering for an un-lockable character and a super-board that isn't really necessary....feels a bit lackluster.

Well, what do you guys think?


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SSX (Playstation 3) Current low price: $33.44 at Amazon Save $26.55 (44.3 %)

52 Week High: $33.44 Oct 15, 2012 | 52 Week Low: $29.99 Apr 2, 2012
Release Date: Feb 28, 2012

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SSX (Xbox 360) Current low price: $34.00 at Amazon Save $25.99 (43.3 %)

52 Week High: $34.00 Oct 15, 2012 | 52 Week Low: $29.99 Apr 2, 2012
Release Date: Feb 28, 2012

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