Tekken Tag Tournament 2

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2

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Release Date: Sep 11, 2012

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (鉄拳タッグトーナメント2 Tekken Taggu Tōnamento 2?) is the 10th installment in the Tekken fighting game series and the successor to 1999's Tekken Tag Tournament. The game was released in Japanese arcades on September 14, 2011 and received an update, subtitled Unlimited, released on March 27, 2012 in Japan arcades. A home version based on the update will be released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in September 2012.


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electric_kame VS JackieTran FT3. Congratulations to the winner. April 13, 2013 Generations 1 Fighting Games. InsertCoinsLV.com. Shout out to the local Las Vegas Tekken scene for holding it down!

electric_kame VS JackieTran FT3

Check out the full Marvel bracket here: http://challonge.com/lvgen1ttt2

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A quick look the 6 DLC characters for Tekken Tag 2 from the official Tekken Youtube Channel. Check it out!

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Get ready for the next battle, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is finally here. Is it worth your money? Find out in the Gouki.com Review. Don’t be a Jimmy!

The time has come to pull out all the stops and do battle in the latest Tekken Tag Tournament. This time it’s bigger, better, and all around more badass than ever before. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (TTT 2) is filled with over 50 fighters, new stages, new combos, and more. The latest 3D fighting game has made it to consoles, but is it worth your money though? Read on below.

TTT 2 offers a ton of game modes for you to spend hours upon hours in. Arcade mode returns as well as Ghost Battle which pits you against and unlimited amount of opponents’ ghost data as you rank up your fighter from Beginner to Tekken Lord. Time Attack, Survival, Versus, Practice, and for the first time in a fighting game Fight Lab. If you’ve ever felt like a fighting game was just too hard to get into because the moves look to complex or you just don’t understand the game mechanics, well then you have nothing to worry about with TTT 2. Fight Lab is a fleshed out tutorial system which allows you to learn the basics as well as the advanced mechanics of the game. It teaches you the ins and outs of the game, from high and low attacks, defense, tagging, launchers and ground bounces, and side stepping, as well as allowing you to fully customize your own fighter named Combot. Fight Lab truly is a groundbreaking feature that more fighting games need to implement.

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