XCOM: Enemy Unknown

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown

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Release Date: Oct 9, 2012

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown will feature the return of the classic strategy gameplay the series is best known for. Unlike Firaxis' Civilization Revolution, the console versions of XCOM:EU are not simplified content-wise as compared to the PC version. The PC version, however, will feature a different (mouse driven) tactical UI and "the ability for modability."



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XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a game that came out of know where. Last we saw of XCOM was an FPS at E3 2011 & then this game comes out first. Was this game rushed out the door for no reason?

XCOM is a turn based strategy game where you, as humans, battle aliens -or should I say, an unknown enemy- from space.  This is 1 of the most broken games in the recent era & definitely the top of 2012. I'm sure of it, 56 hours of gameplay sure of it. That's right, I've played the shit out of this game in just under a week. Now I'm just going to blither & blather about my experiences with XCOM. 

When I first started I had it on the number 3 difficulty. There's Jimmy, Normal, Classic, & Impossible. I figured, I'm pro, I can handle Classic no problem. I must have started over 3 or 4 times in the first 6 hour sesh. I knew if I didn't switch it to normal, I wasn't going to continue.

I was already aware by this point that the enemies can shoot thru walls, buildings, cars, whatever the fuck is on the screen like it wasn't even there. Just today on 1 of those stages where you have to save the humans hiding around the map, an alien, inside a building shoots thru the wall & a car to kill the human in hiding. That was 1 of the last straws right there. Oh you don't believe me how ridiculous this game is? I figured this miracle shooting thru walls must work for me the same way. So at 1 point I just moved up only in the space which allowed you still do 1 action & put all of my team in over watch. Sooner than later my squad was shooting thru the walls as well.

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Deals Jimmy! 2 Huge Titles Releasing Tuesday October 9, 2012

By: goukijones Oct 5, 2012 | 1 Comments | Updated: Oct 5, 2012

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Playstation 3) Current low price: $26.95 at Amazon Save $33.04 (55.1 %)

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52 Week High: $33.44 Feb 28, 2013 | 52 Week Low: $25.00 Nov 26, 2012
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52 Week High: $59.99 Sep 29, 2012 | 52 Week Low: $49.96 May 14, 2012
Release Date: Oct 9, 2012

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