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Twisted Metal Review. Was it worth the wait?

By: dragonkiss83 Feb 18, 2012 | 3 Comments

Another series that they wanted to bring back. So many fans from a decade ago have been waiting to see it done. And now we can get our hands on it, is it any good?

The wait is over.  Twisted Metal has returned after a decade.  The game is exclusive to the PS3 and even comes with a code for Twisted Metal Black.

So after being super hyped I went out and picked it up.  Get home put it in the system and I have a grin.  Unfortunately it didn't last.  When I went into story mode I couldn't pick a character.  But you start as Sweet Tooth so that was okay.

His story was pretty interesting, twisted and dark.  But it was pretty short.  When I finished with him the game said 33%, shit.  As you play your character is no longer tied to the car.  You can put them in the different cars you have unlocked, pretty nice.

But then the newness starts to wear off and you realize you dropped $60 for a game with only 3 characters for the story.  Sure you can put them in other cars, but half the fun of Twisted Metal was all the crazy stories and characters.  You will can use Sweet Tooth, Mr. Grimm, and Dollface.  If you play online you can also use Preacher's gang.  But they are using an online pass so buying it used is a waste and getting it as a rental only gives you half a game.  In the game you can switch out your vehicle to let it heal and take advantage of the stat change.  Good idea there.  And I do say vehicle because as you play through you will have cars, trucks, semis, a motorcycle, and eventually a tank.  

Also new this time around are game modes.  You have your classic deathmatch.  But thin you add Electric Cage, kind of like a headquarters style play.  You fight in a selected area that moves and you take damage for not being in it after your buffer runs out.  There is also Juggernaut, you have a badass semi that spawns enemies.  You destroy the semi then you kill off the cars that are left.  This one is kind of fun.  And you add Deathrace, exactly what it sounds like.  You go from point A to point B.  The fun comes in when you find there is no second place.  You can kill of the other cars or just try to out run them, but you have to cross the line first or you explode.  There is a challenge mode, nothing really special there.  And online, but big surprise signing on is a nightmare.  

So overall kind of disappointing, I guess they were counting on multiplayer keeping people happy.  Maybe they can add something to it by DLC to redeem it but I doubt it.

So that brings me to my verdict, rent it.  If there is a major price drop go for it, but until then a rent is enough time to play it and be done with it.  Sadly the Twisted Metal Black voucher is the best thing about the game.

A top seven list for most anticipated of E3 2011!

What up Jimmies? No one likes to read, so here's my top seven most anticipated games of E3!

Other games that didn't make the cut;

Asura's Wrath


Alan Wake 2(?)

Bioshock Infinate

Dragon's Dogma

Soul Calibur 5

Ghost Recon: Furture Soldier

Ninja Gaiden 3

Devil's Third

 and more!!! The best year to be a gamer!!!

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Twisted Metal + Mechs = Fuck Yeah!!!

By: DragonKiss83 Jun 3, 2011 | 6 Comments

I guess they decided we just weren't hyped enough.

Let me just start by saying, "Holy Shit!!!"

Sweet Tooth busts out a sick ass Mech and brings some hell to Dollface.  But two can play that game.  The chance to play as a bad ass mech in this game brings it up to a whole other level for me.  I was just short of drooling when I saw this.  If they offer this for everyone the game is going to be insane.  Hell if the mechs are only available in one mode of play I'll be fine with that.  This is a franchise that I have loved from the start and they are bringing out all the tricks to be relevant again. 

What else could we ask for?  Can you think of anything missing?  Or do you think they are trying to hard?

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David Jaffe Talks Twisted metal

By: DragonKiss83 May 18, 2011 | 4 Comments

Here is some talk and some gameplay for those of you looking forward to Twisted Metal's reboot.

You can see teamplay on a semi and helicopter combat He talks about some game types including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Free-for-all.  

There is a great article here

But if you are a fan of the Twisted Metal series from years ago you already know how insane the game got alone or with a friend, but now you can get into 16 player combat online.  That just makes the game that much more interesting.  You will recognize character's like Sweet Tooth, Darkside, Axel, and Mr Grimm but this time around you can put the drivers into different vehicles.

If you are new to the series you have really missed out.  This is as over the top as you can imagine car combat.  You have shotguns and machine guns, but you will also have all kinds of missiles and other massive weapons to destroy the cometition with.  In previous games there were areas to each map that could be destroyed including all types of monuments, hopefully we'll be seeing more of that.

I can't wait for a chance to play this.  How about you?  Do you have a favorite character? Or weapon?  And what about the multiplayer, are you ready to work as a team?  Or would you rather go all out last man standing style?  Let's here it.  And as always, Don't be a jimmy.

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Twisted Metal will be here October 4

By: DragonKiss83 Apr 8, 2011 | 8 Comments | Updated: Dec 1, 2011

The game has been on the way for a while, now we get a date.

Any fans of the series?

Car combat is all kinds of twisted fun and this time we'll be doing it online.  With a capture the flag mode that let's you drag the rival gangs leader across town be ready for a brutal game.  You'll also be able to mix and match drivers on different vehicles, that will be a major change.  I would honestly prefer that Sweet Tooth stayed in the Ice Cream truck, and Doll Face in her Semi, but I guess they want to give players more options.   Adding areil combat is a nice bonus though.

But what do you think?  How many of you have never tried the series?  What was your favorite kill?  Let's hear it, don't be a Jimmy.

Community Review


Retro Review: Twisted Metal 2 (PS1)

By: jalexbrown Feb 15, 2010 | 6 Comments

"If you're looking for a flat out good time, give Twisted Metal 2 a try..."

Twisted Metal 2 is one of those unique experiences. If you experienced it long ago when the Playstation was on top, you must have fond memories of killing every other car on the stage to advance to another stage to kill some more cars. Twisted Metal 2 is just one of those games - it's refreshing, and you're guaranteed to remember it long after you're done with it.

The visuals won't do much for anybody who hasn't played this game before, but if you remember how this looked in its day, you remember this game was excellent. The cars were a nice size on the screen and had some nice little details to them that only a child from years and years ago could possibly appreciate. In any case, some of the effects were cool when this game was new. The biggest problem is that the visuals didn't hold up well, and it didn't take them long to become outdated and pixelated in comparison to other games. While you won't fall in love with the visuals, a few of its aspects were quite neat. For instance, in the Paris level, if you shoot the Eiffle Tower enough, it blows up and the top collapses, giving you a nice little bridge to the rooftops. While the animations aren't increadible - some aren't even the top of the Eiffle Tower for the explosion, and the the tower's just suddenly toppled - the effects cover most of the animations that haven't held up to the game's age.

Sound is still pretty good. These effects wouldn't win any awards by today's standards, but the cars all sound good and most of the weapons have good, clear sound effects associated with them. Music is nice, too, but nothing in the soundtrack is really memorable. There's not much ambience, either, so expect to listen to a lot of engines and guns and not much else.

The gameplay in Twisted Metal 2 is where this game really shines, because it's just so much fun to play. There are a number of different weapons ranging from your basic machine gun to homing missles to napalm to each character's unique special, but some of it isn't as balanced as it should be. For example, some of the characters have a special you'll never use, while others have a super-powerful special that does massive damage. Mostly, though, you'll be distracted from this shortcoming by the sheer fun factor this game holds. The levels in Twisted Metal 2 are all around the globe, and they're all different enough and fun enough that you never mind fighting in them. The controls are sometimes too responsive, and you'll find handling some cars can be quite a chore until you're familiar with the controls and the sensitivity of each vehicle in the game.

At the end of each character's game, you'll get a brief ending scene. These scenes consist of hand-drawn stills with Calypso's voice over telling the ending story for each character. Of course since this is Twisted Metal, each character's wish will end up having a negative result, but half the fun is getting through the game to see all the different endings. Some are serious, while others are just flat out funny. The variety of endings gives the player something to look foreward to. It's just too bad there's no way to keep like a theater of the endings as a way of keeping track of who you've beaten the game with and also as a simple reward system (after you watch the ending, you're left with nothing to show for it).

Overall, Twisted Metal 2 is just one of those games that's a lot of fun to play. If you've never picked up this game, I suggest you do so while it's cheap. On top of how fun it is, it's also quickly becoming one of the Playstation's collectable titles. If you're looking for a flat out good time, give Twisted Metal 2 a try, and I can guarantee you'll be satisfied with it.


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