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Just a quick shot of me firing blindly into trees. PWNn! Join our platoon and play live on the stream with Team Gouki.

GoukiJones the Human Tanktage is at again with an incredible distance blind fire gaffling. #dontbeajimmy -- You can watch my live game play every time GoukiJones logs in on

Join the Team Gouki Plattoon and battle live with us on the stream. Don't be a Jimmy!

Today I played a lot of Halo Wars & a lot of Battlefield. Oh I got Rage in the mail? I haven't even ...

The time 2:45PM Wednesday October Fif. Playing Halo Wars again like it's a brand new game.

3:07PM Just got railed by some nuabs in Halo Wars. The yellow guy had 0 army and that doesn't help when I'm 30 of 30 twice to fight off these Jimmys and you got nothing you come to do nothing. No heal, no disrupter. WTF Jimmy?

The Battlefield is amazing and the more stuff you unlock the cooler it gets. I've played a ton of hours of already this week. I can't wait for the release. 25 hours according to the Raptr. Ridiculous and it's only the same map. Granted it's huge. The rumor is there is going to be another map released with the ground vehicles during the demo. I'll believe it when I see it. The game barely works now. I know it's a download and a lot of this stuff is going to be fixed on the final version, but how did we get this far into the beta and I'm still falling through the map near A on the first stage. Jimmy? The party system is ridiculous still. When I start a game with 4 friends and we are in the same party and everything, why can you put us in the same squad? C'mon EA, you got the ads right. Battlefield 3 is release in the US on October 25 & the UK on October 28. I think, I've been ignoring that ad. I do know, I will be PWNn all day when it arrives from Amazon with release day shipping for only $0.99! Stolen!

3:35PM I just railed another rack of nuabs. I'm moving into an whole-notha-level of Halo Wars. Stretch time.

3:58PM Just had a proper railing with a recruit on my team. Nuuuuubfarm. So Rage is sitting here, I haven't put it in once. BatRastered has played, I seen it. I can't believe we bought 3 Bethesda games again and it's another bomb. The game looks amazing, yes, yes. But from what I've heard from BatRastered and just from what I've over heard in the room. I'd rather play X-Men Destiny apparently.

4:50PM The partied me with another recruit! Nuab!

5:13PM Raining pretty good right now. Still chillin' playin Halo Wars. Gonna play some Rage Multiplayer tonight. Should be good.

5:34PM Who is playing the Star Wars The Old Republic? I've had mine pre-order since BEFORE the release date was officially announced. They promised early access. I know Jimmys is playing it right now. Why not me? Their afraid I'm not going to like it? Probably not. But still, I'd like to see WTF we have all been waiting for for 5-10 years or whatever since the last KOTOR. Which I didn't play part 2 because it was made by those nubs over at Obsidian.

Then 2 days ago I get an email from SWTOR website asking me, who am I enjoying the beta? WTf? Did I miss something, Amazon didn't send me the right info, I don't know, but I want it. 1 day later, SWTOR website emails me and it was "Their bad." So no, I'm still not in the beta. Nnnnnnnnuab! Wings & Fries tonight with a little Jack on the side. Gonna be looking for some Battlefield and Gears 3 MP matches tonight!

5:53PM This just in. Breaking NEWS - Steve Jobs deada denna muthafucka. Sell your iPhones while you can. I'll buy an iPad or two 1 day Steve Jobs. Seeyalater.

Hardcore Halo Wars. Damn.

8:27PM Back on that all units. Waiting to play some Battlefield.

9:20PM Finally back on the Battlefield 3. It is such a pain in the ass to get into the matchmaking.

10:29PM Full-on Battlefield 3 Beta PWNn.

11:55PM The PWNfest has ended. After a grueling dashboard, load, dashboard, load, dashboard and load the Battlefield 3 beta again, we finally got in. What a blast this game is and I don't mean that just because you can blast holes into walls. I'm leveling up the Sniper and the medic kits. I usually don't snipe, but I love the sniping in this game. All of the shooting to be honest, I can just hit shit and maybe that's why I like it so much. Healing people is super fun too. It's also very helpful to your team when you're constantly raising their health and reviving them if they die. Plus you get a ton of points. I can go 8 and 5 and still get 3k and score in the top 3. Don't be a Jimmy!



Battlefield 3 Gameplay video no joke this time

By: goukijones Mar 2, 2011 | 11 Comments

Wow. Just wow. These consoles aren't dead yet. This is simple amazing looking. Jeez, just watch.

Have I mentioned before that Battlefield is my favorite earth war shooter? Well it is and the more I see of Battlefield 3, the more I can't frickin' wait to play this game. This "gameplay" video is a little more official that that BFBS trailer they released just last week. Check it out and be prepared to be Uh-mazed.

Battlefield 3 | Fault Line Series Episode I: Bad Part of Town

From YouTube:

Join us as we follow Staff Sgt. Black and his team of U.S. Marines into the bad part of town in this first installment of the Battlefield 3 Fault Line video series. 

To unlock the QBZ-95 weapon in the Back to Karkand Battlefield 3 expansion, you need to destroy an enemy vehicle with a repair tool. Some Jimmy on the other team needs to be in the vehicle and you need to get the kill. Here's a video of how I did it.

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Battlefield 3 "*Limited Edition*" $56.99 - is one of the few places that can compete with Amazon. Unless you want to really try and get lucky on eBay. eBay however will not guarentee satisfaction or even more important release date delivery.

Check out their most recent price drops in video games. This information was just released today. There are some #dealsjimmy here.

Price Drops Every Day at! Earn Points. Millions of Products. Free Shipping and Returns

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Battlefield 3 has 99 problems...

By: BatRastered Sep 26, 2011 | 2 Comments

Watch the full-length Battlefield 3 TV ad featuring never before seen gameplay footage and the hit song "99 Problems". Powered by the new Frostbite 2 game engine, Battlefield 3 features unrivaled audio, animation, rendering, scale, and destruction.

Battlefield 3 is out on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC October 25th 2011.

Battlefield 3 / Jay-Z -- "99 Problems" Full-Length Gameplay TV Ad

Watch U.S. Marine Sgt. Blackburn enter the city of Tehran in Operation Guillotine, a joint operation to capture key members of the PLR leadership. This gameplay is captured from the single player campaign in Battlefield 3.


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WTF is up with EA's Battlefield 3 servers?

By: BatRastered Oct 25, 2011 | 3 Comments

Didn't we just have a beta, weren't these problems supposed to be fixed? Is this what I can look forward to when SWTOR comes out? FFS!

During the BF3 beta, team Gouki had a hell of a time just making a match, let alone getting everyone on the right team. This was supposed to have been fixed. The game is really fun once you get a game set up, but good luck!

Trying to join a game as a squad of four in either squad deathmatch or squad rush would either outright fail, or work for 3 of the 4 of us, kicking one out to the menu. Other times, it would work but split the party up on different teams. We never all got on the same squad.

And all this was while the servers were up. Mid-afternoon the servers went down and we couldn't even navigate the menus for several hours. I took this opportunity to play some of the campaign... talk about a linear quick-time-event filled nonsense fest.

EA charges 60 bucks for the game and 10 bucks (or 800 MSP) for the online pass if you bought it used. The matchmaking just needs to work. Epic seems to have it figured out in the Gears series... Bungie figured it out way back in Halo 2 and perfected it thereafter. Those games were all published by MS, so are they keeping something from their third party partners, or are the third parties just that bad at matchmaking? Seriously WTF is going on here?

Whatever... I'm sure it will be fixed in a few weeks.. SMH.



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Battlefield 3 Armored Kill launch trailer

By: BatRastered Sep 4, 2012 | 6 Comments

Prepare for all-out vehicle warfare with Armored Kill! This trailer features never before seen gameplay from all four maps in Armored Kill -- from the beautiful snow-capped Alborz Mountains to the biggest map in Battlefield history, Bandar Desert.

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Pro-Trolling in Battlefield 3. Video & Xbox Live messages. HATE

By: goukijones Jan 28, 2012 | 4 Comments | Updated: Jan 30, 2012

Some may say it's trolling, but GoukiJones relocates constantly staying 1 step of his Nemesis. Of course there was some hate mail soon after the match from the Jimmy. The video has been time stamped with highlights for your viewing pleasure. #dontbeajimmy

I like to time stamp some highlights and this game in particular is a classic time stamper. Mostly for my homeboy GSO Lockheld. Sarcasm there, I've never met the guy or played with him online. Great sport though. I sent him a GG message afterwards, here are his two responses below. 

Followed up with ...

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Hyper upper as in Hyping ME up. I love the Battlefield 3 Jimmy! Join our official Team Gouki Platoon.

If you wanna play the Battlefield 3 with some casual pros, head on over to the Battlelog and register for Team Gouki.

Platoon [tG] Team Gouki

Now for the hype machine to begin playing.

Battlefield 3: Gulf of Oman Gameplay Trailer

Battlefield 3 is now available for pre-order through Amazon. Also check out the new teaser trailer.

Amazon just unlocked the Pre-order for Battlefield 3. Battlefield is my preferred earth shooter. You can expect Team Gouki to be all over this when it is release sometime in the future.

That box art is probably unofficial. There is no confirmed release date. Amazon just appears to just have a filler date. Battlefield could come out this year. If there is no COD, it would be good for Battlefield to compete with Gears this holiday season.

Check out the teaser trailer.

Battlefield 3 - Teaser Trailer - Holy Shit!

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