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Mario Kart 64 NFSW 1-10-14 Happy New Year!

By: goukijones Jan 15, 2014 | 1 Comments

It's 2014 & FnJimmy is still terrible. Oh man we gotta get a new gimmick. FnJimmy can't carry us anymore.


The most evenly drunk we've all been while playing the Kario Mart. This still doesn't help FnJimmy, this guy has got to be the worst video game player in the history of gaming. Why do you even try?

FnJimmy what happened? An all time low?! 7?! 7 Points?! Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnuab!

Mario Kart NSFW is LIVE on every Friday night after the Podcast. Sometime after 9-10PM PT. 

Thanks for watching. Don't be a Jimmy!

FnJimmy is about to lose his shit. He can't play DK, he lost all right to Toad & he just can't keep up. Honestly tho ... this was 1 of the closest nights overall in a long time.

Part 1

Part 2

So we had some lag issues Friday night & we had to break the race into 2 videos. Don't be a Jimmy!

GoukiJones & FnJimmy race to see who gets the right to use Toad next week. Don't be a Jimmy!

So last week Jimmy switched to DK & got railed. Gouki used Toad & did very well. This week FnJimmy says he's switching back to Toad, GoukiJones said no, he was gonna use Toad. Jimmyness ensued. 

Gouki & Jimmy agreed to both use Mario & Luigi this week. Who ever wins will get the right to choose which ever character they want to drive with FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIFE.

Who do you think won?

Thanks for watching. 

& still gets railed ... Poor FnJimmy ... What are we gonna do next week? Tune in every Friday (sometime after 9pm) to watch our Podcast & Mario Kart NSFW! Don't be a Jimmy!

The best part is when FnJimmy blames me for switching characters. I used to use Toad! Altho playing against FnJimmy it doesn't matter who I use. That guy is terrible.

Thanks for watching. 

Backwards & then forwards. 150cc. Which 1 of us couldn't make it thru the night? Who will come out on top? Guess what ... it's not FnJimmy!

Final Score:

GoukiJones: 47

Choke: 46

CoryO: 37

BatRastered: 36

FnJimmy: 13

Thanks for watching. 

Choke's absent this week, does that mean FnJimmy can finally get out of 4th place? Special guest CoryO stops by to steal all hope from FnJimmy! NSFW

Thanks for watching. Ever wish to race against us? What are your credentials? 

You have to be able to beat FnJimmy for 1. 

Don't be a Jimmy!


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Mario Kart 64 NSFW 10-18-13 JIMMYFEST!

By: goukijones Oct 22, 2013 | 1 Comments

FnJimmy gets 4th place in another shocking turn of events. Other than that, the races were all pretty close. Great night of MK64.

I don't know what to say about this night. 1 of the closest finishes we've had in a while. Characters don't matter, it's about skill. Well ok, mostly luck. Unless you're FnJimmy, then you're just terrible at life & there's nothing anybody can do about it.

Thanks for watching. 

What an excited evening. With special guest Cory O in the house, of course there's gonna be somebody not too happy about watching. FnJimmy? Well FnJimmy is still terrible. Who is keeping score. There must be a recount.

OMG. Don't be a Jimmy! 

Thanks to Cory O for coming over for the 100th episode of the Podcast & then sticking around to get railed in the Mario Kart.

Thanks for watching. 


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Mario Kart 64 NSFW Cover Your EARS 9-27-2013

By: goukijones Sep 28, 2013 | 0 Comments

FnJimmy asking for Mirror tracks, has something to prove. How do you think Jimmy will do? Well to be honest, pretty darn good on the Mirror tracks. Unfortunately once we started going the right way ... FnJimmy fell off. Like a proper nuab.

Final Score:
Gouki 46
BatRastered 44
FnJimmy 40
Choke 26 

9-6-2013 There's some classic racing moments. Wario's Stadium Choke VS GoukiJones showdown of pure racing skills

BatRastered loves Mirror Suprise Mode. The Jimmy still comes out on top tho. While the actually FnJimmy is still terrible & has no clue about video games or life. 


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Mario Kart 64 NSFW Furture Tech From the Past

By: goukijones Aug 24, 2013 | 1 Comments

8-23-2013 These races keep getting closer & closer. Unless you're FnJimmy, then you're just terrible. Last place again. Nubfarm.

Some of these races were absolutely unbelievable. I was railin' nuabs of the side of the map plenty. Choke reclaims the thrown with his first victory in months. Must not had been drunk enough. Don't be a Jimmy!

Thanks for watching. 

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