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Master of the Dark Hado!

Certainly the missing piece in my Gouki collection. This statue is 1:4 scale and comes with tons of accessories to swap out depending on how you like your Akuma. Available now from SideShow Collectibles, Here’s his dimensions:

  • Height: 21.8" (55.4 cm)
  • Width: 19" (48.3 cm)
  • Depth: 13" (33 cm)

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I mean, if it were rated it would be R.

When you mess with Ken and his girl, you are asking for trouble. But when Ken gets too violent, Barlog thinks it’s a good idea to put on his loaded boxing gloves and go at it with Ken. How do you think things will turn out for Barlog? You’ll have to watch and see. You will also ge; Ryu, Gouken, Vega, Sagat, & M. Bison. This is the most shocking representation of M. Bison you will ever see. Really, whoever is in charge of ironing shirts in Shadoloo should be fired. Psycho POWER!

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Ryu & Guile take a beating in this trailer.

Luke is from the USA and was born February 17. He likes to beat on Ryu and Guile(especially at the air force base in front of all of Guile’s buddies.) Very ground based and likes close quarters hand-to-hand fighting. His special ability is charm and none of the female characters will even fight him. Get him with the Street Fighter V season pass. Luke comes with 3 different costumes. Story, Battle, and Tracksuit. M. Bison whoop ass costume coming soon.

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Akuma In Brawlhalla! (Chun Li & Ryu Also)

By: goukijones Nov 22, 2021 | 0 Comments

With all his Raging Demon action!

Look at that beautiful man. Or Demon. Brawlhalla is a Smash type fighting game. So now Street Fighter appears in Smash and Brawlhalla. What’s next? MultiVersus? Did you know, Brawlhalla has been in esports for 6 years? WOW! I’m shocked Street Fighter has gotten in on this sooner. Check out the trailer!

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We love the Street Fighter here at

Street Fighter II for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System just barely ahead of Street Fighter V for the PlayStation. I myself have purchased at least 10 copies of Street Fighter V. We love the capcom. I also probably owned more than one copy of Street Fighter II for the SNES. Let’s be honest, I’ve bought a lot of Street Fighter games in my day. Most importantly, let’s not forget all the quarters getting dropped in when I was a young boy living in arcades across America. 

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Looks like it’s time to ARMOR up.

For a limited time only you can purchase both costumes for $9.99. The costumes will be offered individually each for $5.99 USD or both together for $9.99 USD, with all proceeds received going to breast cancer research. The costumes have 2 colors, Pink & White. You’ll have 1 month to add these costumes to your collection. Starting on Oct. 12 and ending on Nov. 12. Save the tiddies! Hadoken!

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The original final boss for Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter.

The fastest, cheapest Akuma ever created. Don’t worry though, it’s not that version. This is just a skin for Street Fighter V. Part of the Season 5 Premium Pass or you can purchase separately for $3.99. Releasing 9/21/2021. 

"I've been remade with real power!"

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The One-Armed World Warrior returns to the series.

Oro first appeared in Street Fighter III in 1997. Back then his style was that he had one arm tied behind his back. In 2021 Oro returns to Street Fighter for the first time in almost 25 years. Something has changed about this old man world warrior though, he now holds his pet turtle in his hand. He won’t drop him either. It’s with him every moment of the match. Save the turtles!

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Luke, Oro, and Akira Gameplay videos.

Not much is known about Luke at this time. Looks like he could be Ken’s son. Or maybe even a different clone of M. Bison. Haha that’s a joke. I gotta say Street Fighter V ended with a strange group of characters at the end. Oro is cool and it’s always great to bring back favorites from other games and even create new ones. But where the fuck is Hakan? Looks like it’s time to oil up!

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SPOILER ALERT these were supposed to be unveiled at EVO 2019, but were leaked early by Steam.

The biggest reveal in these trailers below is that there is a model for Sodom ready to go in the game!

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EVO Gets Over 13,000 Tournament Entries in 2019

By: goukijones Jul 15, 2019 | 1 Comments

We Did The Math!

That is a ton of gamertags to push through the tournament bracket in 3 days.  Additionally this will be the biggest Smash Ultimate tournament ever.  Congratulations on EVO for hosting the biggest Smash tournament of all time! There hasn't been a particular order released for Sunday yet, but I'd still be surprised to see Smash in the final slot in a tournament series that started with Street Fighter and not party-game-fighters.

EVO 2019 will be LIVE on the internet Fri, Aug 2, 2019 – Sun, Aug 4, 2019.

Tokido going for back-to-back EVO wins, but a new Challenger stands in his way.

The drama and excitement did not miss again this year at EVO.  I couldn't imagine a more exciting ending.  Well maybe if Cool Kid had been in the finals for America with such a wild crowd they would have gone nuts if he had beat Tokido.  Shout outs to EVO, another great show for 2018!

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