News: Street Fighter V & Street Fighter II On Capcom’s All Time Sales Ranking

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We love the Street Fighter here at

Street Fighter II for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System just barely ahead of Street Fighter V for the PlayStation. I myself have purchased at least 10 copies of Street Fighter V. We love the capcom. I also probably owned more than one copy of Street Fighter II for the SNES. Let’s be honest, I’ve bought a lot of Street Fighter games in my day. Most importantly, let’s not forget all the quarters getting dropped in when I was a young boy living in arcades across America. 

#8 Street Fighter II
Release : Jun 1992
Platform : SNES
Units : 6.3 million units

#9 Street Fighter V
Release : Feb 2016
Platform : PS4, PC, DL
Units : 6.0 million units

Check the source for more information.

Street Fighter V

25 Stories

Release Date: Feb 16, 2016

Buy it! 50 % - Rent it! 50 % - Flush it! 0 %

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