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X-men Arcade Review!

By: Cinderkin Dec 16, 2010 | 15 Comments

The old school '92 classic beat 'em up has returned. Is it worth your money? Find out in the Review. Welcome to Die!

If I could describe the X-men Arcade game in one word it would be Disappointment.

Why you ask? Well I'll tell you why. I fondly remember going to the Arcade in San Diego California as a kid. Playing all sorts of games, blowing my hard earned money on good games, bad games, broken games (still pissed about those) and the best arcade games around. Back in the early '90s the top arcade games for me where the Beat 'Em Ups. The Simpsons Game, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and who could forget the X-men Arcade game. Many of us had the 4-player cabinets in our local arcades, but some of us where lucky enough to have 6-player action at our fingertips... and just for a quarter (I miss those days).

I would spend hours beyond hours every week playing the X-men Arcade game. Meeting new people every time and having a blast. So I was stoked to find out that Konami was bringing this childhood classic back. At 800 MSP or $10 PSN I was sold. I bought this baby yesterday and to my surprise I was severely disappointed.

The game is exactly as I remember it, which is the problem. After 18 years I was expecting Konami to release an updated version, not just a smoothing filter. I wanted to have a remade X-men Arcade with updated sounds, graphics, and gameplay. Now I am not the person who hates the classics, or thinks they aren’t fun. My problem is that they could have had two games in one. X-men Arcade Classic, and a revamped version as well.

You have the choice between two version of X-men Arcade, USA and Japan. The Japanese version is better than the USA version solely because when you use a Mutant Power in the USA version it drains your life meter before using your energy orb. The Japanese version is the other way around. The USA version is much more difficult which would be a great challenge had the game had some sort of continue system. Instead you have unlimited lives, and can basically just spam Mutant Powers the entire time. Sure they take away your life energy, but who cares you can’t lose. Even online play has infinite continues. There is no way to change it either. So basically unless you’re like me and really want to try and relive the classic, you’ll try not to spam Mutant Powers.

My first play through was solo, and I beat it in 30 minutes. I spent $10 only to be jerked around for 30 minutes. This game welcomed me to die alright; I wanted to end my life and the game after playing it. The character selection is how you remember it, you can choose from; Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine, Colossus, Night Crawler, and The Dazzler (yes she is a real X-men) each character has his/her own Mutant Power. Cyclops shoots laser beams from his eyes, Storm strikes her enemies with lightning, Wolverine slashes his claws at his enemies (lamest Mutant Power), Colossus goes into rage and destroys enemies surrounding him, Night Crawler teleports across the screen and destroys anyone in his path, and The Dazzler who uses sound frequencies to destroy her enemies.

For the most part of the game you are fighting your way through sentinel after sentinel with a few other enemies here and there. There are also eight boss characters, Pyro, Blob, Wendigo, Nimrod, The White Queen, Juggernaut, Mystique and of course Magneto. Each boss is basically a push over save Magneto. As one falls after another you move onto a new level. The story of this game is basically Magneto threatens the city with his army of sentinels and Kidnaps Professor X and Kitty Pryde. It’s up to the X-men to Go and Save the City as well as rescue X and Kitty.

It’s a pretty simple game, only using 3 buttons; Attack, Jump, and Mutant Power, which makes for an easy to pick up and play game. Online play is done well, with the option of playing 6-player drop in drop out co-op with relatively no lag. The only issue here is even on expert difficulty, 6 players can run through the game in under 15 minutes. It’s really hard to suggest spending $10 for such a short time of play.

While the X-men Arcade game is still a great classic in my heart, this new version is just plagued with not adding anything new to the game in 18 years. I had fun playing it, but I think it’s a waste of $10 Jimmys. Buy it if you’re a huge fan and have to get your hands on it, but for the rest of you out there just Demo it


Bottom Line: Demo It!


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GoukiJones' Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Review

By: goukijones Aug 14, 2017 | 1 Comments

What’s going on with Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood is, that’s what’s up. Here’s my review…

I love it.  I’ve been playing it non-stop since the release.  The game is a lot of fun, I highly recommend you giving it a shot.  You can play up to level 35 for free now.  If you do choose to give it a try make sure you get in the Primal servers and join the Malboro world.  That’s where I am, with Sugar Ninja and Bat Rastered.  Come join our Free Company -AKA A Guild- Kefka.

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When people ask me what is my favorite Final Fantasy, I tell them it’s Final Fantasy XII. And most people look at me like I’m crazy. When I ask if they’ve even played the game, and they say no. So… I’m telling you guys, you have to give it a shot.

This IS my favorite Final Fantasy.  The world is huge and connected all throughout, you can walk from one end to the to other.  Fully animated cut scenes and great voice acting bring the characters to life.  I love them all.  The story includes Final Fantasy Judges, Viera, magic, mystery, two brothers in conflict, betrayal, a lost boy, a thief and his co-pilot, a dead husband and powerful enemy.  I love this story. (Yes, I have actually watched the story cut scenes in this game.)  Most conclusively, the main reason I love FF12 is the combat has been my favorite design in any Final Fantasy.  The gambit system and programming your team to react in battle is a blast.  It’s the main element why I’ve played through it 3 times.  *3 times is a lot for me in my world of gaming. 

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Review: Valkyrie Profile Lenneth

By: blazemanx Jun 18, 2011 | 5 Comments

Come to me dark warriors battle awaits us!

PSP owners, RPG fans, and all of those in-between who missed out on the first release of Valkyrie Profile and wanted to try it can finally celebrate. Thanks to some of the wiser people at Tri-Ace and Square, gamers can play this game once again and NOT have to worry about paying out of the you-know-what for a new copy. Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth is a fun game and although hurt by a few flaws, it stands as one of the best PSP games.


This story is largely based upon Norse mythology (although it doesn't strictly adhere to it), and deals with the end of the world, and the battle between the gods. Odin, the leader of the gods, has sent out his valkyrie (you) to go and find him brave souls who are nearing their last moments in life (your party members) to send to Valhalla, where they can fight for him. This is your mission. Now, each warrior you seek out has their own individual story, detailing their last moments in life, their meeting with the valkyrie lenneth, and their decision to fight for the gods.

That's the short version of this story, since I don't want to ruin it for you. Since there are many characters for you to recruit, there is a lot of side stories, many which are tragic, some might even get you choked up. That's not even considering the main character trying to realise her purpose in life, and who she truly is, and the genius wizard who is obsessed with her. A truly fantastic story!  


The graphics are well done, it's like having a playstation in your hands. There is hardly any noticeable slowdown in the gameplay, unlike some other PSP games I've played. All the towns have their distinctive style, and all of the dungeons look good, with a fair amount of detail added in the background. All of the characters are very well designed, which is amazing considering each of them has their own 3 hit combo and special attack (the animations for these are amazing, by the way). The best part in this category is the full motion videos. Very well done! There is even an option to watch all the FMV's you've seen before.


There's a lot of upbeat tracks in the game, which help when you have to go explore some vast dungeons. There's a couple tunes I won't forget, in particular the ones they play when your meeting a hero who is about to join you. Also, the voice acting in this game is very well done. Each character has a variety of quotes they'll use before, after, and during a battle. As you progress throughout the game, you will also be able to hear all of the separate characters quotes in an extra sound option.  


The gameplay is really well done. There are, essentially, 3 different areas you visit: towns (used mainly early in the story, and to recruit different characters), the sky (we'll cover that in a bit), and your "dungeons". You start out, after the intro tutorial, in the sky, where you can fly around the world, to seek out those souls who are worthy. By pressing "select" in the skies, you can hear the distress calls of mortals (begin a recruitment story), or sense "great evil" in a particular area (discover another dungeon). You can also save your game and change party members in the skies. Most of the game, however, will be spent in the various "dungeons" around the world. I put dungeons in quotes because most of the dungeons are in various locales, such as woods, castles, or underground.

Once your in a dungeon, the screen turns to a castlevania style game. You walk around like this, able to jump, duck, swing your sword, and shoot out crystal shards. These crystals are used to freeze enemies and make stepping stones to access higher areas. There are a couple of ways to get into a fight in these dungeons, you can either walk into an enemy or hit them with your sword. Yea... I recommend hitting them. This lets you attack first, as opposed to possibly getting attacked. Each one of your party members is assigned to a specific button in battle ( either square, triangle, circle, or X). Their order of attack depends on what combinations you hit those buttons. They can also attack up to three times with different types of attack, depending on what weapon you are using. So, you can see there is a lot of variety in the attacks, especially since some attacks will knock your enemy up into the air, making timing your attacks a factor. Each attack adds a percentage to an overdrive gauge, and once you get to 100% you can select a character to do their special overdrive attack on the enemy. This is always a good thing!

One more thing to cover about gameplay is character development. One thing you might be asking is "If your sent to find souls to fight for the gods, why are those people fighting with you?". Good question. The game has a set time before the final battle at the end of the world (Ragnarok), and that time left is divided into 8 different chapters for you to play through. On each chapter, you are asked for an warrior with certain qualities. Now as your characters level up, they are given points to put into either obtaining skills or morals. Yes, you can make your character braver by putting points into it. By doing this, you can give Odin an ideal warrior. This part was hard for me. For one, your training and fighting with these characters, making them stronger and getting accustomed to them. Now you have to choose one to send away, never being able to use them again. So you have to be careful who you send, because you still need to be able to fight on.

Oh, I almost forgot, after the end of each chapter you go back to Valhalla and you are rated on how well you are doing, and given gifts accordingly. You can also see how the war is going on in Valhalla and check on the status of all the warriors you have sent to Odin. They even have a list of all of their significant accomplishments while they have been there, including what rank they have achieved.  

Final Verdict: BUY IT!

There are 3 different endings to Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, as well as 3 different difficulty settings. There are some very specific requirements to get the better ending, though, so a guide may be necessary. Also, you can access a separate bonus area by playing through in hard mode and collecting specific items. 

This version is definitely the one to get for any psp owner, as the playstation version can cost well over $100 for a good copy .

So will you join Odin's army of warriors in Valhalla? Let us know and don't be a jimmy.


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MX vs ATV Alive Review

By: Cinderkin May 23, 2011 | 6 Comments

Motocross games have been around since Excite Bike on the NES. Have these games really come a long way? Is MX vs ATV Alive worth your money or your time? Find out in the Exclusive Review!

MX games have been some of the most fun racing games since Excite Bike on the NES. With today’s technology the pixelated graphics of the old Excite Bike are long gone. Does the new MX vs ATV Alive game bring the fun or does it just suck? Find out below.




Let me first start off by saying MX vs ATV Alive has one of the worst career modes I have ever seen in a racing game. I have been a fan of the MX series for a long time, and I was truly disgusted when I went to the single player career. The reason being is that every single racing game ever in existence starts you off with a race or two, then as you win you progress further through your career. MX vs ATV Alive is the complete opposite of that. When you first start your career you have access to 4 races, 2 National, 2 Short Tracks, and 2 Free Ride levels. Which isn’t bad a first glance, but after you’ve earned the gold medal in all 4 races then that’s it. The only way to unlock more tracks is to increase your rider level / XP to 10 and then 25, which after getting the gold medals in the 4 available tracks my rider level was only 3. Meaning that you are required to either play online or replay the same 4 tracks numerous times. This is uncalled for, and absolutely ridiculous.  There are a total of 16 tracks, with 12 being National and 4 Short Tracks. That is a very small amount of races, and Supercross tracks are for some reason missing entirely from the game. Because of the poorly done career mode the game quickly loses any and all flare it had. THQ if you're reading this never force gamers to replay the same 4 tracks over 20 times just to unlock more tracks in career.

Game Modes:

With a lackluster career mode, all that is left is multiplayer local and online. On the local side of things you literally have the exact same options for races as you do in career. Meaning that if you haven’t reached rider level 10 or 25 in career or online then you will only have access to the same 4 races and 2 free ride levels. This is unacceptable, think about a time when you have picked up a new game from the store and a friend comes over or your sibling wants to play with you, you pop the game in and can play for hours. Imagine doing the same thing with MX vs ATV alive and only have 4 races to play? That is an unplayable experience; this isn’t NES days where you can only fit so many tracks into a cartridge. These are 8 gigs of space to work with. Online multiplayer is the same garbage as the rest of the game; you still only have access to 4 races. WTF? This isn’t even a game.


Usually I don’t devote an entire section to controls in games, but MX vs ATV is an exception. The control scheme is interesting in the fact that you control your rider with the left stick, and your Bike or ATV with the right stick. At first this is very difficult to use, but eventually you get the hang of it. There are stunts in the game like in most MX games, but there is nowhere in game a stunt list. The game just assumes you know how to perform the 30 plus tricks. I literally had to Google an online manual for this game just to do a backflip. That should never be the case!


The game looks decent to be honest, the tracks are ordinary, but the dirt on the track is one of the best visuals in the game. Every track looks different, and that is a good thing as does the track itself changes based on what line the riders are taking. The riders themselves all look the same, except for what gear they are wearing. The problem is that the different costumes all look the same during a race. You can’t distinct fully tell the difference which is unfortunate, because the game literally gives you tons of gear to put on your rider.  The character customization and the Bikes and ATV options are plentiful, but unfortunately aren’t needed.


The audio is hit or miss in MX vs ATV Alive. The music fits the game well, but there are so little music tracks that you hear the same songs over and over again. The engine sounds in the game are pretty great, you can hear the difference between using the clutch and hammering down on the accelerator. It’s exactly how it should sound. There isn’t much more to say about the audio, because it’s decent, but it doesn’t really change the fact that MX vs ATV Alive is bad.


I already explained that the online is the same trash as the career mode, but I didn’t go into detail. The online component is very bland and doesn’t offer much to this game. You can have up to 16 players racing at the same time which is nice, but if your rider level isn’t high enough you’ll only be playing those first 4 tracks. Even if someone who is a level 10 or 25 hosts a game at different tracks, you can’t participate until you’re a high enough level. This is absolutely terrible, no gamer should have to go through that just to play the game. You gain XP playing online, but you get less than you do in single player. You can play Ranked, Player and Private games, but even in Private games when everyone is ready to race you still have to wait 30 seconds before each race even starts.


I honestly hated this game. I can barely even call this a game; even though it’s cheaper than most titles it feels very incomplete. There are so little good things in this game that I can’t honestly recommend it to any gamer. It is a slap in the face for Motocross fans, racing fans, and gamers alike. MX vs ATV Alive makes you wish you weren’t while playing it. This is truly garbage and I’d rather play MX Unleashed on the original Xbox/PS2 than to play this game again.


Bottom Line: FLUSH IT!


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