A Bunch of new videos for Dishonored

By goukijones — September 26, 2012
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You got your Developers talking shit here and some weird cartoon story videos. I'm sold on Dishonored already. I didn't need the visual design director telling me it's not a gimmick game. I can't explain the little cartoons.

I love the idea of being able to jump everywhere & go everywhere. Sometimes I just like to climb shit. The killings & set ups for traps looks like a lot of fun. Then you got the stealth on the other hand & trying to get thru the game with out killing 1 person. 

These are cool & the animation is good, but I don't know what relevance this has toward the game just yet. Maybe I'll appreciate them a little more after I play Dishonored. 

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Dishonored Gouki Box Art

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Sep 27, 2012 by goukijones

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