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Dishonored is 1 of my favorite games from, idk... 2-3 years ago it seems. If you haven't played it yet, now is your chance!

"Gameplay" with no HUD.  Classic video game bullshit.  Never mind that though, Dishonored DOES have good controls & it's worth checking out.  Even the DLC levels were dope.

If you need more of a reason to play, watch FnJimmy's Golden Video Review of Dishonored. 


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Sweet Corvo Mighty Mugg from Dishonored.

By: goukijones Nov 26, 2013 | 0 Comments

A giveaway item from Desert Bus charities. Pretty much late to the party on this 1.

Apparently there was only 1 created & that 1 was given away. Sucks for me. I love Dishonored. 

Who knew they were even still making Mighty Muggs? It's custom. >.>

(click the image for more info)

Got my hands the new DLC for Dishonored last week. I beat it. I found some weird glitches happening. You can check out my thots here & take a look at this weird screen glitching. Prolly just the XBOX being from the nubfarm.

It’s no secret at this point. This Jimmy right here -this Jimmy trying to write out this story- is a BIG FAN of Dishonored. I got the Witches of Brigmore last week from Bethesda, shout out Bethesda. They love the FnJimmy Golden Video Review, they tell me. Sure. I had know idea what this DLC was about, I don’t have any of the other DLC & I can’t tell you too many DLC’s that I’ve liked in the past.

Swerve! This 1 is tight. You play a completely different character, one you -as the main character- actually killed in the Main Story. He was a boss. Daud. So you start out as Daud & you have to fight off the attack from the Main Story. Really sweet stuff. I think it’s a great idea & this DLC was off to a good start.

Daud has a bunch of different moves. He can summon assassin’s to fight alongside of him. (That was the first 1 I upgraded fully.) You can also improve his running, jumping, stealth just like the main character, Corvo. Daud seemed to move WAY faster than Corvo when I maxed him out. He was at least twice as fast as any guard running after him & I had him crouched! But he is the assassin class in the game. The DLC definitely gives you a nice feeling of something different & new with the differences in this playable character.

I got 2 days of gameplay out of this. Prolly a total of 8 hours. That was only playing thru once & not on the maximum difficult. So there is definitely some replay value. And I am almost fairly certain that there are multiple endings.

There are tons of new enemies as well & the DLC takes you to a new Location. BUUUUUUUUUUT the graphics aren’t that great already in Dishonored, but these weird glitches don’t help. Sometimes I would stop to look around the room cuz I thot hidden shit was flashing at me. Check out this clip.

Regardless that little glitching -like I said, it’s prolly just the Xbox- this DLC is worth it & it’s fun! Dishonored is fun! Check out my full review with Bullet Points.

Buy it!

Thanks for reading. 

Info & a trailer for the new Dishonored DLC. Plus check out GoukiJones & FnJimmy's reviews for Dishonored.

From Bethseda:

The Brigmore Witches, continue your journey as the legendary assassin, Daud, and bring his twisted narrative that began with The Knife of Dunwall to a close. After discovering the identity and intentions of Delilah, the leader of the Brigmore Witch coven, you set out to disrupt her from completing a powerful ritual that will spell your doom. Having already been betrayed by your lieutenant, Billie Lurk, you must rely on feuding gang factions—the Dead Eels and the Hatters—to negotiate your way through previously unseen districts of Dunwall en route to Delilah’s stronghold.  Regardless of the way you reach your destination, one thing is for certain – you will finally answer for your treacherous actions and fall before the mercy, or punishment, of the Royal Bodyguard and Assassin, Corvo Attano. Additionally, your power, weapon and item upgrades, Chaos level, and player actions from The Knife of Dunwall will carry over via a compatible save file option.

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Dishonored Important Bullet Points The GoukiJones Review

By: goukijones Aug 9, 2013 | 0 Comments | Updated: Aug 22, 2013

GoukiJones shares his pro & cons bulletpoint list for Dishonored. It's not supposed to make that much sense, but those of you who have played it will understand.

I played thru Dishonored. I played thru it 3 times. I like those games where you can sneak around & play the game in different styles. I’ve seen 4 completely different endings in Dishonored. That’s something worth mentioning. Here’s a few other notes I thot would be worth your time.

  • Boat rides suck.
  • Any of the cutscenes/talking I skip.
  • Do you accept the loaded game? Yes, start the level!
  • Horrible chain climbing mechanics.
  • Random bone shards. You need them.
  • We can do without all of the whale killing. Thank you.
  • Sleep sounds good.
  • Run in any direction. Use this feature to keep your enemies in front of you at all times.
  • Always talk to Piero first upon returning to home base.
  • The story is completely irrelevant.
  • Dream sequences? Skipped everyone of them.
  • Some levels could be skipped with 2-3 of the right moves.
  • Swimming is absolutely dreadful.
  • Watch out for the green slime plants.
  • What the fuck is the deal with the green slime plants?
  • Worst graphics Jimmy Gem nominee.
  • Beat it 3 times, saw for different endings. It froze once.
  • Definitely Rentable (Value $19)

Thanks for reading. Don’t miss FnJimmy’s Golden Video Review for Dishonored.


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FnJimmy GVR #34 Dishonored

By: goukijones Jul 24, 2013 | 0 Comments

FnJimmy Golden Video Review #34. Dishonored from Bethesda.

Thank you for watching FnJimmy's Golden Video Review. Please leave a comment below & let Jimmy know how you feel about his reviews. Have a nice day. 

GoukiJones, BatRastered, FnJimmy, and special guest CoryO talk about the disappointment of capcom at PAX east, another FGC tournament this weekend, still playing a broken game, and FnJimmy still being unwatchably bad at video games, this time in Dishonored

Shout to Cinderkin for returning to Gouki with a bunch of new stories this week. I'm playing the Sim City right now. #sadface.

Vote, comment & share. Don't be a Jimmy!


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Dishonored Best Community Kills Montage Video

By: goukijones Nov 15, 2012 | 1 Comments

This video had me mesmerized from the start. Now I have no idea what is happening with the menus or what guns or how much power any of these moves take, but watching these kills continues my hype for Dishonored.

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A Bunch of new videos for Dishonored

By: goukijones Sep 26, 2012 | 2 Comments | Updated: Sep 27, 2012

You got your Developers talking shit here and some weird cartoon story videos. I'm sold on Dishonored already. I didn't need the visual design director telling me it's not a gimmick game. I can't explain the little cartoons.

I love the idea of being able to jump everywhere & go everywhere. Sometimes I just like to climb shit. The killings & set ups for traps looks like a lot of fun. Then you got the stealth on the other hand & trying to get thru the game with out killing 1 person. 

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PAX is a very unique Convention. Press/media are treated very nice. We played everything we really wanted to see today. Except ...

Still waiting to play Sim City ...

There was a secret entrance for the press this year. Nobody told the press. It was ridiculous. I don't know if some of this stuff is a joke or not. All the booths are super nice to the press, telling them to come at a certain, just to parade them past people who have been waiting for hours to play. Well that's 3 less spots in the room because Team Gouki is here. Before I get into Borderlands and XCOM, we played Aliens: Colonial Marines for the second time this year. Again we played against Gearbox employees. Pro status Jimmys. Again we were destroyed by Gearbox.

I thought I could sneak through another hall way off to the left, heading toward the objective points. I turned a corner and saw a Xenomorph hanging from the ceiling. Before I could even move, it shot down on top of me and I was dead. FnJimmy was now where to be seen. The Aliens is looking real good, looks amazing on PC.

Once we were done with that, the plan was to head to the next all and check out the 2K booth. On the way we passed the Halo 4 with 0 line. Before 10AM the public is not allowed. 18-3 against a Complexity team member, he had the shirt on. I was loving every second of that, just because I was doing all the PWNn. I was getting double and triple kills with the ghost. Stealing flags, protecting flags. I love every second of that. I'm FU27.

Saw Markman and that loud talking English guy in the Mad Catz booth. It didn't appear that Mad Catz had the new silent stick on hand. We moved on.

This was 1 of the most exciting mornings of gaming I've ever had. Better than some of the BEST PWNfests I used to have back in the day. We visited Capcom next and got to play Resident Evil 6. This was the first time we were paraded past the entire line of Jimmys waiting to play. BatRastered went first, Then FnJimmy and finally myself. It's pretty intense knowing there's like 30 people watching behind you -who just saw you got the line- and you're trying to not look like a nuab. It wasn't long before I was completely out of ammo and just using the knife. I really didn't care at this point and I was trying get killed so I had an excuse to get out of there. Then I came around a corner and there was giant monster. I died. I ducked out. BatRastered was still playing. So was FnJimmy. I watched FnJimmy play for like 5 more minutes, until he was out of ammo. I tapped him and told him to cut this shit. Fuckin' BatRastered is still playing! This is his favorite game, he's hooked. I send Jimmy in to tap BatRastered. We needed to get the fuck out of there. Hot as balls.

Borderlands 2 time. We met Erik Robertson a former San Diego Charger who looked just like Salvador. We did the whole hello and business card exchange thing. A few minutes later we were paradaed past the line of Jimmys once again and this time we were heckled. Boo's and hiss'd. :( I just walked really fast and then stared at the wall until we where allowed to go in.

Borderlands 2 looks amazing. The Xbox Version looks horrible. This game is going to be super popular. SUPER. I don't know what else to say. I used Zero for the first time and I hated every second. I don't like the sniping in Borderlands. I couldn't grasp what Zero's power was, I would turn invisible and a shadow version of me would rush out to locked on enemies and do what? I don't know, I couldn't figure out what good that was. I put all my points into the sniping tree, I was blowing heads off from across the map, but my CQC gameplay was terrible and not fun. I wasn't compensating for that at all.

Next up, XCOM. Something I've super excited about for a very long time. First, paraded past all of the Jimmys in line for a third time. :( We were then shown the same exact demo, with the same exact speech. Shout outs to our boy Peter Murray for giving that speech for the last six months. Pro. I told him after, that I could give that speech, I'd seen it so many times myself.

Finally the doors opened and we were released to the demo stations. I was skipping every cut scene I could and trying to advance through the training as fast as I can. I knew we were on a time limit. Highlights: Upgrading the base. Gonna be very exciting. After the first base I was asked which base would I like to land at. America or England. The both had different buffs for building. America was like +air, so building ari units were better there. England increase the rate of learning ot something. I'm getting a little tired. After both missions I got new pods to attach to the existing base. October 9, 2012. Get it!

Later on after lunch we got to see our first independent game of Pax 2012. Bust N Rush. Bust in rush is a infinite running game. You just keep running down a hall that is constantly generating new puzzles and quests. All the while speeding up and getting crazier and crazier. I loved every second of and I think it would be a great go to game to relieve some stress fast. Super fast. Google it!

We were pretty wiped out at this point. I tweeted this picture.

Finally we got to see DisHonored. Another Bethesda game that I am super hyped about. I played a good 30 minutes of it today. I tried to play stealth. I possed a fish to sneak into my first objective. I climbed to the top of a building some relic. Knocked a few Jimettes out with some sleep darts and try to take out a few guards, but they caught on set off the alarm. This game seems to be very large in scale of what you can do and what options you have to excute any objective. The map was pretty huge too. There was a lot of loading though. Imagine BioShock, but with no water and no rooftops mixed with a little bit of Borderlands building climbing. I love all that shit. DisHonored is on the top of my list today. Tied with XCOM. ;-)

Write a story about PAX and win some swag. Vote, Comment and Share. Don't be a Jimmy!

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I've been pretty hype for DisHonored ever since I saw the first gameplay demo, probably over a year ago. They game has vastly improved and is looking very polished. Can't wait to play.

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Time Stamped! Dishonored Creative Kills video

By: goukijones Aug 10, 2012 | 3 Comments

New gameplay video for Dishonored. GoukiJones breaks down everything you really need to see. Also he kinda guys super fanboy for this game.

0:27 Actually starts.

1:09 WTF just happened?

1:15 Putting the traps on the rats. Rats and traps. So the rats are already more useful than the bees.

1:24 So just showing off the same move here. Look at the heads exploding, specifically in this frame.

1:55 Just dying? Ok. Still cool to see those guys react to the rat storm. Plus doing something like this looks like a great way to escape.

2:20 Shooting yourself? Don't be a Jimmy!

2:45 This is dope. I can't wait for this game. Everything I'm seeing, I'm dying to try. The levels look great and the combat is looking better and better.

2:50 "Take out the legs!"

3:07 Aw shit, throwing objects, teleporting, grabbing the object ain mid-air and then throwing it again. Amazing.

3:45 Rewire tool. New shit! I have not seen this before in any demo.

4:08 Actual end.

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