A look at the Live Action Yakuza 4 Hostess Club Girls

By goukijones — February 2, 2011
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Yakuza 4 just got way more interesting. This story was originally for a new video from Sega about the Hostess Clubs in the game. It's turned into a monster about these beautiful Japanese girls, who are the stars of Yakuza 4 Hostess Clubs.

I saw this video this morning on YouTube and of course Japanese girls catch my attention in real life and virtually. So I have to check it out. First of all, the Yakuza game series is one I have yet to experience. I don't know why, maybe just never had the right feeling for it. The new version is looking more and more interesting to me. And not just because I can now go hang out in a Authentic -albeit virtual- Japanese Hostess Club. Yakuza 4 is seriously trying to be a Japanese style GTA.

This first video is from the American Sega YouTube channel.

Yakuza 4 - Hostess Club Trailer

At first I was just going to post that video and leave it be. So I jumped back on YouTube and got on the Japanese Sega YouTube channel and found this:

Her name is Rio in Yakuza 4. She is a former Japanese AV Idol. (That's Japanese for porn star.)

The videos below are from the Sega Japan YouTube channel. Huge difference from Sega America.

Rio #1 TV Spot for Yakuza 4 (Rough translation)

This next video is spectacular. I must say, any director that introduces the girls from the floor up so we can see those sexy boots they got on, has won my heart. Upskirts upstairs FTW. You will never see this type of video game marketing in the United States. The girls are in an arcade playing a card reader game you have never seen before, perhaps the future of gaming. Looks like a lot of fun. wink face.

#2 TV Spot for Yakuza 4 (Rough translation)

I really wish I knew what this masked Jimmy is saying in this video. It looks really funny. Lets get a tough sounding Japanese guy, put him in a wrestling mask and send him out to harass chicks. Beautiful. Seriously, I understand like 3 words in this video and I was still cracking up. I don't know what these videos have to do with Yakuza 4 anymore, because my Japanese is real rough. They are on the Sega Channel though.

You can check out the Official Site for these chicks. It's really crazy, but they have a ton of videos. Good luck, I hope your translator works well.

Also check out this story on neonpunch.com about Rio formerly known as Tina Yuzuki.

There is a high probability that I may be incorrect about anything I may have attempted to translate into English. Which is pretty much this entire story. Enjoy the girls.

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