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LIVE from Anime Revolution in Town Square Las Vegas, NV April 4, 2015 Mario Kart 8. WiiU. Live stream on brought to you by 5thDimensionLV.

$5 Entry
$10 Buy-in
$20 at the door.  Register online at & save $5!
Please bring your own controller w/ extra batteries. *BYOC
1st Place 70%
Grand Prize: $100 Gift Card to Anime Revolution.  U.S. Version Captain Falcon.

*sorry he got a little damaged while shipping.

2nd Place 20%
3rd Place 10%
Warm ups begin 11AM.  You can register online at until April 4, 2015 11AM.

Heats begin at Noon.

1 Raffle ticket per racer. 

Prize #1: Anime Revolution Swag Bag.


Prize #2: U.S. Version Meta Knight.

Race Rules

4 racers per station. 150cc. VS Race. Frantic Mode. Custom Karts.
*Not all characters, karts & accessories available on all systems.

Top 2 racers from each group will advance. The final four will compete for the cash prizes.

This event is capped at 32 racers. Register now!.  This tournament will be live streamed & the grand finals will be featured on

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Stream brought to you by @5thdimensionlv

For live tweets follow @GoukiNews on Twitter.  Like Gouki on Facebook & join the event.

Visit for all things Anime in Las Vegas, NV.

Mario Kart 8

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[UPDATED] Apr 3, 2015 9:25:47 PM

Apr 3, 2015 by goukijones

Official Rules for Mario Kart 8 RoD #3

This is a Bring Your Own Controller event. BYOC.  Please bring extra batteries.  Thank you.

Using the Gamepad.  Gamepad use will be allowed, but it will be player's choice.  If more than 1 player wants to use the gamepad, Paper, Rock, Scissors, best 2 outta 3 will decide.

No Teams
Frantic Mode
Only Human Racers
All Vehicles are legal. *Not all characters, karts & accessories available on all systems.
Random Course Selection.
8 Races.

This is a Single Elmination tournament.

4 Racers per station.

The top 2 racers from each heat will adanvce to the next round.

Final four.

Mirror Mode On.

In the event of a tie for first place.  A playoff race for all players will be in effect.  It's still anybody's game!  1 Mystery track will decide the champion between all players. 


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