Community Arthvader Fights: Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition matches from 9-10-2012

By Arthvader — September 10, 2012
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Another day, another set of SFIII Ranked matches. Come on by and watch some matches involving me using everyone's favorite female fighter, Chun-li.

I'm back with evem more ranked matches from Street Fighter III: Third Strike. This time around, I've decided to chang things up and put up my most recent matches involving me using Chun-Li. there is still one match here in which I'll be using Remy. Expect to see some exciting matches this time around.


These Matches were uploaded on September 10, 2012:

PonchoPablo510 (Sean) Vs. Arthvader043088 (Chun-li)


Arthvader043088 (Chun-li) Vs. SideDoorBurglar (Ken)


Arthvader043088 (Remy) Vs. The AxIs 88 (Ryu)


Arthvader043088 (Chun-li) Vs SecretHighTier (Remy)


Arthvader043088 (Chun-li) Vs. || SpAz || (Ryu)

Tell me what you thinks of these fights? Leave your comments down in the bottom. Don't forget to vote and share. Don't be a Jimmy!!

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Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition

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