Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition

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Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition

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Release Date: Aug 23, 2011

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Bringing the new generation of World Warriors to new consoles, Street Fighter® iii: Third Strike online Edition takes one of the deepest, most
sophisticated fighting games of all time online with an arcade perfect re-creation.
Featuring the unique and memorable characters of the Street Fighter® III series, GGPO-enabled online allows players to use their technical moves –
like the series-defining parry system – in a seamless, arcade-like environment. High-quality, HD-filtered graphics emphasize the smooth animation,
a vault of unlockables allow for replayability, and an integrated leaderboard combined with an extensive and viral YouTube™ Replay Sharing system
encourage players to bring their A-game

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•  Street Fighter® Continues: Set in a timeline after Street Fighter® IV, follow the next chapter
in the epic Street Fighter universe
• GGpo-Enabled online play: Street Fighter iii: Third Strike online Edition will be the first pure
fighting game to use true GGPO-enabled online functionality, allowing for pixel-perfect arcade
play online, including a matching system and leaderboards
• unchanged Arcade Gameplay: Utmost care was taken to maintain an arcade perfect
experience and preserve the deep gameplay system that has become revered as one of the most
sophisticated in the fighting genre
• upgraded visuals: With new art and UI matched to hand-tuned HD filtering options, players
can customize their viewing experience to their preference, even playing in a simulated arcade
• youTube™ replay Sharing: Not only will players be able to watch local and global match
replays in-game, but with a click of a button they can upload replays directly to YouTube™ to
share with the rest of the world
• watch with Friends: A new channel that broadcasts a continuous live feed of the best match
being played at any given moment, and also enables searches for specific matches to be
viewed solo or with buddies
• Special Features and unlockables: Optional side panel appears on-screen to provide
challenges and track progress as players push their limits to unlock achievements and


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