Community Video: Arthvader Fights: Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition matches from 10-20-2012

Arthvader Posted by: Arthvader Oct 21, 2012 | 2 comments
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Back with more matches. This time featuring the raging demon himself, Akuma, A.K.A., GOUKI!!!

Once again, I've returned with more ranked matches from Street Fighter III: Third Strike. I decided to use the character whose name is the embodiment of this site, Gouki (Akuma in the US). Expect to see some great matches here.


These Matches were uploaded on October 20, 2012:

Arthvader043088 (Akuma) (P1 Side) Vs. Alpha Wolf dogx (Akuma) (P2 Side)


Alpha Wolf dogx (Akuma) (P1 side) Vs. Arthvader043088 (Akuma) (P2 Side)


MendoPNHC (Ken) Vs. Arthvader043088 (Akuma)


Skull Maverick (Ryu) Vs. Arthvader043088 (Akuma)


Arthvader043088 (Akuma) Vs. Kenbotaggin (Elena)

Tell me what you thinks of these fights? Is there a character you want me to use in my next Arthvader Fight segment? Leave your comments down in the bottom. Don't forget to vote and share. Don't be a Jimmy!!


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Arthvader Fights: Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition matches from 9-10-2012

Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition

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