Blithering Blathering SDCC Day 1 & 2 Be a Jimmy at the Con

By goukijones — July 13, 2012
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Myself rambling about my time at SDCC 2012. Most drunk blithering and blathering. More updates to come.

San Diego Comic-con 2012 Day 1 Blithering Blathering

Well before we get started here, let me explain to you, I've been awake since 4AM. I'm drunk enough right now to sit down and try and recall the day. Errrrr rekall the day. I'm not thrilled at all with the new Total Recall movie. Colin Ferral looks okay as a wanna be Arnie. The story however sounds ridiculous. There is no Mars, but there is a girl with 3 titties. What am I saying? The worst part of the day was just trying to leave the car rental place. For some reason the two chicks in front of us could not work out whatever the issue was. At one point credits cards were being passed back and forth. What the fuck was she paying for right now? All of the money transactions should have been handled inside, before you even get in the car. Shot down by Amber.

We got to the con right away and parked the car without an issue. I'm pro status at cons and don't like to waste time talking nonsense to Jimmys. We got our passes no problem. Shout out to Choke for arranging that. Now I know where we needed to go to find what Choke was looking for. Choke is a serious collector of art prints and told me that we needed to be at certain places at certain time everyday. We hit up the Mondo booth right away. They made announcement while we were standing right by the booth. "We're only selling this 8-bit garbage print that nobody wants." Sorry that's not an actual quote, but that's what Choke had expressed to me.

I wanted Legos. That was the only reason I was there, well that and to be Choke's collector bitch. Cart his prints around and help him buy dupes of stuff to keep in storage. I didn't come up short on any Legos today, I got some Bilbo Baggin's legs. Just the legs, who needs legs? They're short ones.

wOW! Fell asleep drunk last night while I was writing this. Apologies. I'm even drunker now, so I don't know what's going to happen here. I can't remember much of yesterday at this point or today for that matter. There has been a lot of standing in line. A LOT! My feet and back are killing. So far Choke has got every print he's wanted for his collection and some extras. I've been glad to help.

Oh man. Got that Carl's Jr. It's aight. Watching Smackdown. Check out

okay going back to yesterday. Ono practically confirmed that Capcom has started work on DarkStalkers 4. They didn't show anything and the info was very coy. I asked the Capcom PR what was up with that comment and he just said Ono was joking. Okay great, thanks a lot.

Oh man I'm starting to lose it. I need more shots of Jack just to get through this Carls Jr.

Let me tell you about Lego today. Lego had 1000 Venom, Phoenix, Shazam and Bizarro. You had to get your badge scanned and you were entered into a raffle to win one of those figures. We got our badges scanned early, right after we got whatever prints Choke wanted to get. Cool. We needed to come back after 4pm to see if we had been selected. Woo woo woo you know it! We both won, Myself got the Venom -the one I wanted the most- Choke got Bizarro. Both of the figures I wanted the most. While walking away from the Leo booth I was approached by 2 nuabs who wanted to buy my figures. Oh, that was the game? I got $40 out real quick and was ready to buy whatever I could. I bought 2, 1 Jean Grey/Phoenix and 1 Shazam. Stolen! These figures are getting well over $200 on ebay. Choke says I should sell right now. I just can't bring myself to do that.

So I gotta post this right now or you're never gonna get to read about my experiences at SDCC 2012. I'll post another blog tomorrow. That will be Day 3. I'm sure there's more that I should tell you guys, but I have some vids and pics I'll post next week. Vote, Comment and Share. Don't be a Jimmy!


*I have not read over any of what is above. I'm drunk and I'm tired and it's mix of thoughts from the previous 2 days. This shit is real. I talked to Ed Boon today!


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