News: Borderlands 2 level cap increase incoming, new playable class revealed

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During the Gearbox PAX East panel, new information about upcoming Borderlands 2 content was revealed. Here's all we know, plus some video!

Level Cap

On April 2, 2013, there will be a free patch that will unlock the third playthrough Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode (UVHM).

Also on the 2nd, there will be a $5.00 (400 MSP) DLC that will raise the level cap 11 levels to 61 and introduce new Pearlescent rarity gear (similar to the General Knoxx DLC in BL1). This DLC will be FREE for season-pass holders.

New Character

Sometime in May, we will be getting a 6th playable class... the Krieg, the Psycho Bandit! Here's the reveal trailer:

The Krieg class DLC will be $10.00 (800MSP) and NOT included in the season pass. Here's some low-quality off-screen footage of Krieg blowing shit up.

melee AND throwing
Gets 100% health for killing people during action skill

BLOODLUST TREE -- Gaige-like 'stack accumulation' and kill skills. Stay in combat and keep doing damage. *lots of gun skills*

MANIA TREE -- Ultimate high-risk, high-reward. Melee damage boosts; taking damage is good! Teammates can damage you to power up your skills!

HELLBORN TREE -- GET ON FIRE!! SMELL DELICIOUS!! Also, light other people on fire. Also skills for other elements.

While in FFYL mode, can run around with dynamite until he explodes (killing nearby enemies for a second wind) like a suicide psycho. (This looks to be an optional skill in the mania tree).

New campaign DLC

Sometime in June, we will be getting a full, fourth, campaign DLC. This one will be fully developed by Gearbox and will cost $10.00 (800MSP) like the others and be included in the season pass. They say it's the largest DLC ever (including Knoxx).

Bonus fun midget video

Just for the hell of it... a real-life psycho midget terrorizing people in a mall.

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Mar 25, 2013 by BatRastered

Storage Update

We will be getting more storage space and ammo upgrades to buy with our 99 eridium as well. From the GBX form moderator:

Originally Posted by AdamF

Thanks for watching the live stream and attending the panel if you went. The thing has been stressing me for the past few weeks and it went great

We haven't detailed everything in the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack yet. There are some little bits we still haven't mentioned which we will sometime this week

You can still buy a Season Pass.

There will be inventory/backup/storage increases in the update (Free update). More ammo SDU's will be available in the black market along with eridium maximums increased.

Chris will have a full list of the changes sometime this week for everyone. He also is going to get the Krieg forum up sometime this week.

He's da best

Big props to all the GBX programmers on getting those changes in. Our programmers are amazing.

I'm almost as excited for this as for the level cap raise. :)


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