Borderlands DLC releases, no trailer and no patch yet

By BatRastered — September 28, 2010
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Usually you release a trailer before the game, not the other way around. UPDATE... Trailer is up finally!

Well, the Claptrap DLC is out. I'm not getting it yet, the patch that ups the level cap is not out yet and there's no real word on exactly when it will be out... Just "soon". Also there was supposed to be a trailer for it... It still says coming soon. It seems dumb to run through a new DLC when my characters are maxxed out, I know they don't controll the exact release date of the patch as it has to be approved by MS and Sony, but they need to have this lined up or at least give us an idea where it stands.

I don't get it. If I ran a big gaming company, you can be sure that when a big game/dlc pack comes out you can be damn sure I'd hype the shit out of it BEFORE it came out. Hopefully we'll see something soon.


Trailer is now live. 12 hours after the game came out... but who's counting.


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