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goukijones Posted by: goukijones Feb 2, 2011 | 10 comments
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Speaking with Choke this morning he tipped me off about a survey to win bottle service at soon-to-open Downtown bar/arcade Insert Coins in Las Vegas. Choke didn't really want to share the info with us ... Check out the chat log. Don't be a Choke.

Choke Chat - Insert Coins secret bottle service contest.

1:29 PM
Choke: did you see that contest/survey thing from insert coins? on facebook?

1:30 PM
goukijones: Negative. post a story about. wink face

Choke: I dont have time. lol

goukijones: heard

Choke: plus I dont want fuckers entering it. I want to win it

goukijones: sounds like you

1:31 PM
Choke: there's only been like 20 entries. odds are good. it takes 2 seconds
Enter Now!

1:32 PM
Choke: oh maybe there have been more entries than I thought. when I did it earlier I swore it showed me the results thus far and it seemed like hardly anyone had done it

If you're a Las Vegas local and love video games and alcohol, like me. How about a night of free bottle service and PWNn. Check out the sruvey above, thanks to @Choke for hooking up all of the users with this link.

For more information on just what exactly an Insert Coins is check out: Insert Coin(s) Las Vegas Arcade Coming Soon!


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