Preview: Create Hallways, Small Areas, & Large Oversized Grunts "Halo Infinite Forge"

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Coming this November 2022.

Fuck it! We’ll make it ourselves. First thing I’m making is a big big team map with tons or room to drive and fly vehicles around. I want to see how big the biggest map can actually be in Halo Infinite Forge. When I heard Halo Infinite was coming out and would have 12 man BTB and possibly a Battle Royal. I’m thinking the maps are going to be huge. Like Avalanche and Waterworks and wasn’t there another big long snow map? I can’t remember. I think it was from Halo 1. That map was always a blast running for the vehicles. We’ve been playing Halo every Saturday night LIVE on Tune in and subscribe. Never miss GoukiJones LIVE on the internet. 

Halo Infinite

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Release Date: Dec 8, 2021

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