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reipuerto Posted by: reipuerto May 11, 2011 | 10 comments
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You'll die, die, die and die some more... Sound familiar? ;)

What up Jimmies? You want to die in a video game that will test your skills and patience? Then check this out.

Dark Souls is basically, a spirtual successor from Demon's Souls from the developling team From Software. I LOVED Demon's Souls and this is from the insanse geinus, I'm in love.

The trailer is suppose to sell you the game, not make you run away. This game.... The main character dies multiple times in the first 32 seconds!

This game is NOT for the weak gamer. What's that? Well, do you get mad that the auto-save feature didn't kick in after 30 steps taken? Do you get mad when people beat you but later do the same movers to them and say they suck? This game is NOT for you.

Check out my love for Demon's Souls here;


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