"Diablo IV" Never Forget! The Power of the Beta Test Necromancer!

By goukijones — April 14, 2023
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I never knew how much fun exploding corpses could be. 💥

While playing the beta I dabbled in all of the jobs. With Druid being my least favorite and Necromancer having the most time spent. I played Sorcerer too and that was fun, but I’m gonna main Necromancer at launch. This video is a collection or montage of sorts of me playing on the last day of the beta. I wanted to try and clear as many dungeons and quests as possible. I still hadn’t seen everything in the beta so this was a speed run to completion. With the power of the Necromancer it was easy. I put the Corpse Explosion on the right trigger and all of the sudden Diablo IV was a First Person Shooter. I’m just melting the bosses away. My setup could have probably been a little better, but I was pretty maxed out with the red orange and Materia slots. I made this video so I can remember how much fun I had. I can’t wait for the full release and I hope it keeps me hooked. Much love. Thanks for watching. Peace.

Diablo IV

Diablo IV Gouki Box Art

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Release Date: Jun 6, 2023

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