Review: Die Young Review. How do you like the sound of your legs breaking?

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I've been focusing on reviewing more indie games recently. I've been playing Die Young for a few weeks. Here's my story so far.

Die Young Review

This is a horror game.  You play as a girl who wakes up on an island, she ain’t got no shoes, no food or water… You are left there to die. Luckily somebody left the manhole cover open where you are being held captive.  The world is big and right away you get to choose which direction to go.  As you search the island you unlock quests and discover the secrets of the island.  The main mode of transportation to get around is on foot and it’s all about the hardcore parkour.  I tell people it feels like a first-person Uncharted especially when you’re running and climbing.  There isn’t much combat.  You fight a lot of animals.  Dogs, Wolves, and Eagles for some reason.  There are humans to fight, but you run from the big ones and kill the dumb ones.  When I say dumb, I mean, they didn’t do anything when I ran upon them. Didn’t recognize that I was in the vicinity, maybe a glitch.  You can see that in the playthroughs below.  I recorded every second of my gameplay.


Here are some suggestions I have for the developers.  Change the eagle attack.  Have the eagle tug at you instead.  Like he is trying to pull you off the high ledge you have climbed onto. Think about having a condor or a vulture come down and attack you, instead of the eagle.  The snakes in the game are really cool.  I think you could skin swap some scorpions in place of snakes in some areas so it doesn’t seem like that’s the only poisonous thing in the game. Maybe have some poisonous plants that you have to move around also.  There is this entire questline about getting the item that cures poison, but it was just for the snake bites, so...  The normal dogs in the game are crazy.  I think they need to be guarding more stuff or have some kind of deep explanation to wtf they are doing out there.  I hate when I’m running away from something and all the animals in my area end up running on the same track to escape. This is unrealistic and somewhat annoying during gameplay.

Finally, I’d add some kind of hint system or quest marker.  I like that there isn’t a quest marker in general, it makes exploration and completion more satisfying, but…  I’ve been lost for 4 hours looking for a direction to go.  I just don’t know what to do and this is where I leave this game.  I’ll add an update later on if I progress any further.

Give Die Young a try.  It’s worth its price, it’s a fun mysterious game.

Die Young

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Release Date: Jun 25, 2017

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