Dr. Disrespect's Video Game "Deadrop" From Midnight Society

By goukijones — August 1, 2022
Tags: preview

A Vertical Extraction Shooter

First question, how is the audio? Can I hear the guy sneaking up behind me? JK, that’s always the DOCs biggest gripe during games. The game looks great and it’s being made in Unreal Engine, pretty much the only way to go these days if you aren’t making your own engine from scratch. A vertical extraction shooter, so maybe something like Tarkov. Google thinks of Rainbow Six. Shit, I haven’t played either one of those. I like to watch Tarkov, I’ve watched a lot. I’ll have more to report on Dr Disrespect’s new video game when I get a code for consoles. I am a founder, you know. CLAW FURY FOUR - OUT!

Check out this gameplay from long time Gouki.com friend Crimson Relic. Subscribe on YT!


Deadrop Gouki Box Art

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Release Date: 2024

Hyped 100% - Not 0%

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