Video: Dragon Age II High Dragon How to Raip Guide

goukijones Posted by: goukijones Mar 22, 2011 | 5 comments
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This video is my third fight with the High Dragon. Every time I type High Dragon, I chuckle a little. Maxed fire resistance, couple of potions and solid team work raips the High Dragon in Dragon Age II.

The High Dragon lol. I didn't expect much of a fight from the "High Dragon" but, this guy was not laid back at all. In fact, the High Dragon should have been called the Crack Dragon, because this Jimmy is carazy! The second fight ended in a glitchy disaster with Varric, you can see video of that in my Dragon Age II Montage. The thrid time, I did a final sweep through all of the shops for any gear that might give me an advantage, but the trick was with the Enchantments. I put Fire Resistant Enchantments on every piece of armor I could, doubling up on a few. Fire Resistance +2100x2 = Raip. As you can see in the video, my squad take absolutely ZERO fire damage. Well Fenris takes a fire ball to the grill at one point, but that only takes off 9 points. 

This is a great fight in Dragon Age II, it lasted about 12 minutes. I used an offensive bonus potion for Fenris and a Reraise potion for Anders. Aveline was set up to tank, Fenris to cause damage, while Anders and myself stayed back to cover the field. Brilliant plan. Your plan may differ for your job class. I was an unstoppable Rogue Archer. BadAssNice. You need Anders to heal, unless you leveled Merrill to heal for some reason. You need somebody to cause damage and that was Fenris for me. My storyline sister was a mage and not in my group as well as Isabela, who was gone at this point. So I really had no choice. As long as Aveline could get the hate when I most needed it on her and keep the little dragons off Anders, I knew I was going to overpower the ... "High Dragon." Smoked!

Dragon Age II High Dragon How to Raip Guide

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