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Today we checked out the new EA Sports Bar in Las Vegas. The Cosmopolitan is the place to be if you want to play some Madden's with you friends on the Strip.

Today Team Gouki visited the EA Sports Bar in Las Vegas, inside the Cosmopolitan on Las Vegas BLVD. We already knew from a Google before we went there, there would be no actual food. What we didn't know is that there wouldn't be an actual bartender. The no bartender sucked only because there wasn't actual booze. Everything was served in a bottle. "Jack Daniels Jack & Cola" Is not Jack & Coke, which it states they have on the menu. is a Jack and Coke operation, so yeah, I had to speak on that. Here's a look at the menu. On the left are the package offers and on the right you can see the list of games available to rent. $10 per hour.  

All of the packages include 1 hour of gameplay. You can probably play as many different games as you want. We only played Fifa. How do you shoot in that fuckin' game? The Hat Trick says Jack and Coke and the menu should say Jack and Cola in a bottle. That ain't right Jimmy. We were there for about 2 hours, played for 1. Had 2 "Jack and Colas" and 4 beers. Our total bill was $60. That included a BIG $6 tip. Beers we're $6-9. There was no sign of a happy hour in sight. We didn't have any food, because it's all salty finger foods. That's kinda gross when you're sharing controllers and sucking on your fingers. I asked 2 employees what they do to clean the equipment, especially the controllers. Both gave similar responses.  

"I don't know what they to do to clean them." Was the common response. 

Who is they? When I watched an employee put our controllers away, they did nothing, just put it back on the chargers. Ew. So yeah, I'm not gonna eat while I'm there. 

The environment is great. Ton's of TV's and live sports playing on the surround sound. Our TV had us looking right out onto the Las Vegas Strip. This could be distracting when very very short shorts would walk by. Not the nuab you see in image below.  

(BTW that's BatRastered himself pimpin' in all these pictures.)  

At night it must be wonderful experience. We had a good time with our beers and playing the Fifa. Everyone was very nice. Roombi (hope I spelled that right) was cute and very nice to us, she set us up at our station. The rest of the staff seemed bored to be there. I don't blame them. The place was empty, other than some Jimmys playing the foosball and the occasional employee of the Cosmopolitan that stopped by to see the new place.   

I don't know what they have to offer in the long run. Only EA sports titles really limits the crowd. What if you're not a sports fan and would like to play some Mass Effect or even better, some Battlefield. Obviously tournaments are planned and I'm sure there will be some parties here and there. Local games won't be going there to eat, drink or game though. Unless there is some major tournament.  

It's hard to see any real reason to go back . It's not a bar, there wasn't even a sink or a drain BatRastered made sure to point out. The place had to previously be a retail space, because the more I looked at how the "bar" was set up, the more it looked like a gift shop.  

Big ups for bringing this to Las Vegas. I wish it well. I'm glad to see arcades coming back someway or another. We also have Insert Coins Downtown. That place is a full on arcade bar. Unfortunately they didn't have beer tapped or food either. What's the deal? If I was running one of these joints, I would have beer on tap and options for food you could eat that you don't have to touch. 

What do you Jimmys think? You guys have anything like this in your town? Are there ANY social gaming hubs in your town. Tell me about in the comments or write your own review on Gouki. Thanks for reading. 

Verdict: Rent It


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