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By goukijones — August 15, 2015
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A countdown of what I picked as my favorite trailers/reveals from Gamescom 2015.

I don’t remember much about E3 this year.  I kinda ignored it hard.  I knew it was going, but I don’t remember any of it.  I remember it not being memorable.  Jimmy?  Anyway Gamescom happened last week & I just wanted to share a few videos that really caught my eye.  Nevermind the graphics in these videos, the graphics should be on point in these next-gen consoles & master race PCs.  I’m talking about gameplay & what looks like it’ll be fun to play.  Something being fun to play has really been lost for me, for what seems like almost 2 years now.  How far back are the Deus Ex & Dishonored days has it been?

#6 Fable Legends.

It’s like Evolve, but with a license you may want to play.  I have mixed feelings about this game, relying on other Jimmys in a random party to execute a solid plan is something I don’t like.  The game is cross platform (XB1 & PC) & It’s FREE!  So I’ll definitely being giving it a try.

#5 Scalebound.

The controlling-the-dragon-action-rpg-game.  If you can get past the opening cutscene with the horrible main character & voice acting, you’ll see some pretty amazing gameplay stuff.  The combat is definitely the highlight of this video.  You can see the dragon taking commands & fighting on his own.  All of the effects look very clean, there’s a mini-map down in the right corner & a button layout that reminds me of Zelda.  So we might have a fun on-the-side-action-rpg-game to play … Whenever it comes out.

#4 The Star Wars Battlefield game.

If this trailer below is the real deal & it’ll actually look & play like that I think the Jimmys will be lined up to get railed.  Releasing on November 17, 2015 I know if I’m not going to get it & play it that first day, there’s a very good chance I’ll hold off or very well even skip it all together.  Why they gotta just slide in that teaser of Boba Fett at the end of each trailer.

#3 Crackdown 3.

This game has always been super fun.  It comes in short bursts, but the controls are good & it’s worth checking out.  The gathering & leveling up in the game is super easy & also a lot of fun.  The “multiplayer” is a completely destructible environment.  They show that during the trailer below, the graphics do look hella week in that part, but it does say pre-alpha.  AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!  It may not be like anything you are seeing right now.

#2 Dat Fantasy XV.

No hud still.  But they tease so many things during the fight in this clip.  The guy kicking the bottle & the gunshot at the end.  Pay close attention, I think the classes in this game are going to be most excellent.  I’m hoping that combat is more open world like FFXII (My favorite!) I’m hoping it’s not like FFXII (My least favorite) which made me feel like I was always fighting in a long hallway.  The combat was absolutely awful too.  Just switching stances? 

#1 The Phantom Jimmy?  Metal Gear Solid The Phantom Pain!?

I’ve never played these games.  I hate them.  They look hella slow & boring to me.  I’ve tried to play them, I don’t like them.  This trailer tho… has changed my opinion on The Phantom Pain & I want to play it!  It’s long, like 30 mins long, but it’s a full-on demo of the base defending game they have & this is all I actually want to play.  So day 1 Metal Gear for me Jimmy!  Let’s go!  Try to come to my base.

I’m also hype for Halo 5 & Fallout 4 this Fall.  So hype that there wasn’t anything that really stood out for me.  I’m ignoring both games info until they come out & play it.  I don’t care about anything.  I’ll let you know day 1 if it’s the goodz.  I loved the Halo 5 beta & I think the Fallout is a no brainer, I will be addicted instantly.  For now it’s back to the Fantasy & all units.  Don’t be a Jimmy!



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