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Get them Labor-Laws Bro

The Professor" at MMCAFE translated a number of tweets from an EX-programmer from SNKP who talks about the working conditions at the company and the current situation surrounding porting the KOF games to console. It sounds pretty sad man, but its just one persons translated story, but it gives us a little insight on why kof12 sucked so much ass and what could be in-store for the future. Worries me a bit, but I am sure kof have learned from their lesson and the reason why 13 is taking forever is because it is kinda their last chance, they fuck this up, and I'm am not sure how people will feel towards SNKP. I'll still love them, but with little trust in and new releases. How you guys feeling about this? Leave a comment below.

Sources go to Professors post in MMCAFE -

the tweets -

and iplaywinners article

"For anyone wondering where some of the recent rumors regarding SNKP's situation with the KOF franchise's current development statuses are coming from, it stems from a programmer, who supposedly worked for the company and quit in late September after six years under their payroll.

I was taking it with a grain of salt and didn't think it was worth a mention due to the lack of legitimacy until recently, when I realized that he was talking together with Dokimajo producer Yoshiyasu Matsushita about the company's internal situation.

His tweets has some very.. 'raw' tidbits, such as this entry

"Around the end of the development period, I was sleeping under my desk with a towel rolled around me, laying on newspaper. It's just memories now, like the way how I almost caught a cold with the air conditioner on while asleep, or like how I hit my head on my desk when I woke up. XII's console [development] period was seriously really bad."

He avoids directly naming his ex-company, but there's quite a number of entries about the workplace and its treatment. Like the way how his supervisor ordered his staff to work on a sleepover for a full week without letting them go home (note: the company doesn't have a shower room). Or like in another instance, how he wasn't allowed to even get a replacement for a very unconfortable chair and had to wait for another staff to quit so he could swap it. The company simply seems to be tight on money.

I symphasize with the programmer. He very obviously loves coding, enough that he'd buy expensive reference books on his own money since his company isn't willing to pick up the expense.

For anyone nutty enough to scroll all the way to the end of September to read some entries of what seems to be about XIII's home port situation, feel free.

Some snippets, but not all, are provided below. The figures sound small, and I assume that he's just talking in terms of the number of programmers... or is he. Either way, it can somewhat explain the bad net code in XII.

"It seems like the rest has to be done by two staffs and one part-timer at my company too.. I guess there's a lot of projects like that." 

"I had quit without worrying because they were saying that the home port is going to be outsourced" *

"I heard later that they were going to do it in-house, and I'm left feeling like, wait what...?" *

"Just to add, the previous home version for the PS3 and Xbox360 was developed with 5 people, so as a company, they might have been thinking that "it's no problem if just one or two people left." Acheiving results is important, but I don't like the idea that we had set a weird previous example..." 


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