News: FFXIV 3.5 Patch Update. The Far Edge of Fate

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Some quality life and zone improvements you've been waiting for.


Square Enix official translation

Some notable screen shots that I liked personally or want to comment.

*note I haven't seen pictures of the new Gathering exploratory missions, but I am very hype for those.

Baelsar has built a Wall and Eorzeans are going to pay for it!

New 24 man raid in the streets!

You can now join parties and queue with your Chocobo.  So you can have 8 birds, 8 humans & 8 summons?!  Can't wait to see S Ranks and Fate farming.

You can finally glamour your Egi's.  Although I don't really know what the extent of it will be, but here's a pic of a red carbuncle.

This patch will release sometime in January 2017.

You can find Team Gouki on Malboro we are the FC.

Please visit or exclusive FFXIV websites. &

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