Video: FFXIV Desynthing 77 Suspended Trillium Flowers, what happens next is unbelievable ...

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What are your odds on desynthing?

I'd been saving up for this desynth fest for months.  I figured no matter what I had to pop all of these before the 2.4 patch.  Here's how it all went down.

I think I ended up with about 20% (13) feildcraft 3's, which at the time was worth a lot of money & something I really needed to get the new main & off-hands.  Haha little did I know that the price of these Materias we're gonna crash so severely that they would be cheaper than the actual mats I was desythning.  Seem typical with all patches for this game so far.  I think I'm gonna be ahead going into a new patch, except I'm raiped & get the feeling that I'm starting completely over.  

After I had this blowout & right before 2.3 went offline I went to camp the housing plot I wanted in Lavender Beds.  I included this bonus video.  #dontbeajimmy

Thanks for watching!

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