Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo LIVE review [xbl] w/ King of Jimmys

By goukijones — January 12, 2012
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From the live show. GoukiJones aka King of Jimmys plays through and reviews the Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo.

First of all let me let you know, I've been a Final Fantasy fan since I was a level 1 black mage some 25 years ago. FF12, 7, 11, and of course Tactics are probably my favorites in the series. I played XIII, now known around the offices as FFI0I. Now we have Final Fantasy l0l-2. I saw this at E3 last year and I remember the Jimmy demoing the game using only one hand during the combat and only smashing on the A button. Mixed in were some new quick time events. GTE's are worthless btw.

The demo released this week is the exact same. I was fighting Atlas the god of big things. I had to find a special crystal that required some disappearing floor room to be outsmarted first. Just ridiculous if you ask me. The demo doesn't tell you want to do during the demo, there are some tutorial for the game, but it's so short you don't have time to actually try any of it. Loot drops are terrible and you don't have any gil to buy stuff in the stores. You can capture monsters and use them in your party. Pokemon style! Depending on which paradigm you're in, a different monster will be at your side. The monsters have TP and special moves. Nothing worth $60 just yet. 

You can see all that and more in my live review from the Live Stream channel.

What's your take on this sequel? Will you be buying this day 1 or waiting for the bargain bin? Don't be a Jimmy! Leave a comment.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

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