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SugarNinja and GoukiJones aka Avitas Sibannac recently retired their FFXIV characters and recorded walkthroughs of their mansions...

SugarNinja’s crowning achievement in the game was owning a large mansion.  She did it!  She also put an incredible amount of time in the game all the way up until just the last patch.  She had multiple jobs at 70 and was a max level Summoner who beat everything in the game except the savage.  I didn’t do savage either.  Seemed impossible to do with 7 people - randoms sometimes - and it just wasn’t something I wanted to practice for 4 months with people just to beat 1 fight. 

I was never seriously into the fighting in this game.  The dance routine fight scenes were more like glorified quick time events.  What I really enjoyed was the crafting and the gathering, but then after 5 years that also just become extremely repetitive too.  There was no innovation.  In fact, the crafting went backwards. When I made it to the most recent endgame and all I had to do was just use a macro to do all the work I knew I was done.  The mini-game that the crafting used to be was long gone.  No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t force myself to play it anymore.  Plus it is the most expensive game I have ever played and with this upcoming video game season looking very promising, I knew it was time to call it quits.  I spent well over $1000 playing this game since way back in 2011.  This number doesn’t include SugarNinja’s account from the last 3 years which was close to $600.  WOW!  At least I got these videos to share.  Check out my house!

GoukiJones Character Profile.

Sugar Ninja Character Profile.

This final video is of the FC house that everyone contributed too.  SugarNinja and I handled most of decorations and layout.  Unfortunately you can still see the the game really struggles inside the house with all of the furniture.  Stuff disappears and the game drags… Totally worth the $1000’s dollars.  GG Final Fantasy XIV.

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