FREE DLC "V Rising" Halloween Trailer

By goukijones — October 24, 2022
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Build your own Spirit of Halloween castle.

V Rising was a huge hit for me this year personally. With over 300+ hours in the game sine the beta. 5 castles (lost 1 somehow and was devastated.) GrrrtyGirl created an account just so I can log in as her and drop down 2 more castles I could build. I was addicted. I logged in every morning for months and flew around the entire map in bat mode looking for derelict castles. Even in PvE mode, if a player’s castle runs out of blood, you could break in and steal everything. So yeah, my own ‘pay your rent or get out’ end game kept me entertained for months. Unfortunately my own timer ran out on my castles because I didn’t log in for more than 11 days. I don’t want to go back onto the server and see empty spaces where my castles used to be. Sad. I’m waiting for a reset to get back into this game. In the meantime if you’re new or still playing, here’s the Halloween castle pack. FREE DLC!

V Rising

V Rising Gouki Box Art

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