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goukijones Posted by: goukijones Nov 2, 2010 | 9 comments
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I was hoping for a smooth mech combat game with less RTS or RPG from the previous Front Mission games. Uhhhhh, I don't know what Front Mission Evolved is supposed to be.

To start off on a good note, I would have to say that the best feature in Front Mission Evolved is the sound. Very articulate and distinct sounds effects for each mech and or weapon fired make for everything sounding like the Transformers movies. That's okay with me. The graphics are real stale however, buildings blow up in uncoordinated chunks of concrete and cars just explode with the slightest touch. City details don't have anything really special about them. You can shoot up the giant TV monitors, but your weapons won't even leave a mark on the billboards.

Gameplay is where it all falls apart. The mech building and coloring is cool, but with only a few selections to start off with for the first couple of missions, it's just trial and error. Do you want to fight close range or long range? Doesn't really matter in the game. You can also paint your mech different colors and stuff. I don't care about painting my mechs or dressing up my armor clad alien war machines. I've said this plenty of times before. If I want to get creative in a game, I'll go play ModNation Racers. My mech ended up looking like a camouflaged Christmas tree.

Controls in Front Mission Evolved are nothing special either. I was a big fan of both Mech Assault games, the controls were intuitive and the combat was ultra smooth. With Front Mission Evolved, I was straining my wrist to get the mech to turn around fast enough to shoot the enemy in any direction. Very clunky controls and this is the reason I was not enjoying the game. Then after a few missions, the game switches to a foot mode. That's right, you are no longer in a mech at this point and the mission continues with you as a human running around. The controls for the human missions were all swapped around. Having to learn two control schemes for one shooting game, doesn't make sense. I played a little of this level and I haven't played it since. Honestly, I'll probably never play it again. There is absolutely no drive for me to play

Front Mission Evolved. Flush it!

My boy ComboBreakah posted the first 15 minutes of the game on youtube. Check out his channel. Sounds effects and story seem to get off to a good start. I just can't bare to see that combat. 

Front Mission Evolved

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Release Date: Sep 14, 2010

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