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a quick outline of the plan for E3 2010

We will arrive in Los Angeles June 13th and set up command base alpha. Staff members attending E3 2010 are goukijones batrastered reipuerto and of course fnjimmy as Gouki. The Microsoft press conference will be taking place on Monday June 14th. Project Natal is certain to be the talk of the show. Remember last year? Nintendo's press conference ran long and there was nobody in the Sony auditorium, classic. Well same plan this year. Nintendo 9am and Sony 11am on June 15th. Is Nintendo over saturated for the hardcore gamers or will Metroid Other M and the new Zelda keep me interested? What about Sony and the Move? I don't want to say anything negative in this story ...

for more on the previous press conferences check out the vlog that started it all Vlog #1 E3 2008 Press Conference Review and Vlog #8 E3 2009 Press Conference Review

Also new this year, Staff picks. Each staff member will select their own best of's ...

Best Game

Best Booth

Best Schwag

Best Booth Babe


Pictures of the event will be done by reipuerto . Daily mini-vlogs from goukijones. batrastered with behind closed doors audio files. Exclusive satellite reporting from crimsonrelic. fnjimmy will bring to life his mystery meat.[secret content]

We're going to be checking out some of the arcades in Los Angeles that I've been hearing about and see if I can't get my ass kicked in Super Street Fighter IV by some pros. Fan Festival Thursday June 17th.

More information on the way ... E3 2009 coverage


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