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By JBadua — December 18, 2010
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The most annoying character ever is Guile. I play Dhalsim and he is my worst matchup, even though he is considered 7-3 in sim's favor.

I swear that Guile is the dumbest character ever.  Why capcom ever buffed him to the stupidly strong level he is now baffles me.  His boom needs like no charge and has the fastest recovery ever.  His flashkick is just dumb.  I find myself not even able to get in on this bastard.  He just keeps holding down-back and throwing booms.  I swear you cannot even attack this guy because he has got an answer for everything I ever try.  He is just utter bullshit.  Whoever came up with him back in Street Fighter 2 should just die, along with the person who thought Guile should have the ridiculous buffs he got in super.

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