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By DragonKiss83 — March 27, 2011
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This will be based around the original T-virus outbreak.

Word leaked about this in November, but now it's Official.  Slant Six Games has made a few Socom games so they understand team based shooters.  They will be putting you into the shoes of 4 new character, from the Umbrella Security Squad.  Each character will have a special ability to help the team out, but we'll have to wait on more details about them.  The zombies will be using sight, sound, and smell to track you down, so sneaking around is going to get a lot harder.  You'll also be seeing a U.S Special Ops team, more bio-monsters, and even previous characters like Leon Kennedy.  It's being developed for the PS3 and Xbox 360, sorry if you got a Wii but mommy and daddy probably don't want you fighting zombies anyhow.

This is from Gamespy

It's supposed to be in the May issue of OXM, but given that it's comming out next week it could be an April Fools thing.  And the fact that I'm a little pessimistic anyway and that playing as Umbrella against former lead characters seems like a big change, this could be BS.  What do you think?  Don't be a Jimmy.


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