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By goukijones — June 25, 2012
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Finally watched King of Chinatown over the weekend after hearing so much smack about some Jimmy named Triforce. I just wanted to know WTF a Triforce is. Well after watching this movie I got way more that I bargained for. Great stuff here.

*Minor Spoiler Alert

The King of Chinatown takes place just as Street Fighter IV is coming out. It about Justin Wong and his manager, Triforce. Well at least the guy who thought he was Justin's manager. Triforce ran/runs a gaming community in New York way back before Justin was living in L.A. Triforce was pimping Justin out all over the country for different Street Fighter competitions. Yes I said pimpin' and I mean it. This movie is great. There's a lot of Daigo VS Justin clips from the big GameStop Street Fighter IV tournament from a few years back, I've never seen. Poor Mike Ross. 

Scenes with Justin talking about why he plays and enters tournaments -for his grandmother and to help her pay rent- have Triforce sideling up next to him and asking the cameraman to reshoot the video because he didn't like what Justin was saying. One of my favorite clips and definitely where you can tell things were starting to go bad for Triforoce was when Justin tells him to take off the Power Glove at the GameStop tournament. Now I didn't think the Power Glove was a big deal, gaming is gaming as far as I'm concerned. He wasn't dressed up as a Super Mario at least. I think that was Justin testing him, guess what, Justin won. Triforce submits with a smile and puts the glove away. 

There's also some great business aspects shown in this movie. Triforce looks like he has a good head on his shoulder and is motivated in the right way. Gootecks tells him to piss off at one point because he was too shady. lol. Fraudulent contracts and unhappy team mates make business go bye-bye. Triforce says he knew all of this was coming, but did nothing to prepare for it. Like getting a legal contracts. How the fuck do you get 50k in debt before you have any idea of what your are doing? 

Ok I'm rambling. You can watch the entire movie on Hulu right now and I totally say Buy it! Don't worry it's free, I just say Buy it! because that's Gouki's highest review score. :) Vote, Comment and Share. Don't be a Jimmy!

Verdict: Buy It


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