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Is the Las Vegas video game community blowing up?

May 15th 2014

This Thursday at Press Start Gaming Center Raleigh Kung & HitBox will host their final tournament in the Bloodsport series. Bloodsport #10. Bloodsport has had an excellent run at PSG & has kept all the Jimmys going strong in the 702fgc.

More info for Bloodsport over on the Facebook.

June 7th 2014

PSG will host 2 tournaments this day..

DumaBalrog's Crown the King Street Fighter Tournament. Duma wants to know who is the best Street Fighter player in Las Vegas before the new version comes out. He's putting an extra $100 in the pot & the winner will get a CROWN! This tournament starts at 3pm. 

*EDIT - The tournament is now for Ultra Street Fighter IV **

More info for Crown the King on da Facebook.

Also that day inside PSG, there will be a Call of Duty Ghosts 4v4 & 2v2 tournament. $135 bucks to enter! Holy Moly, you can pre-reg & save $15 tho, plus you split it between 4 Jimmys. First place in the 4v4 gets $500 dolla bilz. This tournament also begins at 3pm. 


Also during the month of May

Those flyers are the only details I have those, there's no event page.


It's EVO baby! July 11-13th at the LVH. 


Sometime this summer ... allegedly ... the Gameworks is supposed to open. Now I was on the build site a few months ago & there wasn't even a floor. I found out that Gameworks still didn't have the right permits up until February. So maybe now there's a floor in there & construction has actually begun. From the outside of Town Square tho, the place still looks untouched. 

However Fox 5 posted this story this week saying they expect to open soon. Gameworks Las Vegas Summer opening.


So it looks lik there's plenty to do in Las Vegas this summer with all these different tournaments. What I want to know is when & where is the Final Fantasy XIV PvP tournament?

Thanks for reading. 

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