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Mark of the Ninja is the best arcade game in years. Recently I played the Mark of Serenity level & I didn't use the Mark of Serenity once. Check out these 4 clips from the live stream. Also we're giving away 2 codes for MotN on XBLA.

*All these clips below are from GoukiJones' TV Live Stream.

**Check out my review for Mark of the Ninja.

I don't know what got into me that day. Actually I do. [cough, cough] I thot it would be a good idea to try & mess with as much of Mark of the Ninja as I could. Trying to kill every enemy. This was especially challenging on the level where I didn't have a weapon & could not execute the execution. I am the excellence of execution Jimmy! I did it tho, everybody died. *New Game Plus mode [On]

Pro-tips MotN 101. You can throw unconscious bodies from high levels & the fall will kill them for sure. First throw that dead body at another guard, watch him freak out & in his terror back up & fall off the high platform. Then chuck the body he just saw right over the edge as well. Double!

You can also use the environment to set traps. In this video below, the baddies have a radar & are super sensitive to movement & sound. It's very challenging to fight these baddies 1 on 1. The hanging explosive devices & exploding hiding spots were perfectly to assist you in these situations. 

I was so confused at the start of the Mark of Serenity level. During this playthru I was playing New Game Plus. When the Mark of Serenity level started, it just started & didn't allow me to update my equipment or change my suit. I even restarted the level thinking I just missed something. I still wasn't able to change & guess what, stupid me never check my own inventory to see what suit & weapons I did have. Fuck it, I thot. Maybe the game was meant to be beat with out that suit. That kinda made sense to me. 

The very first puzzle is dodging 4 explosives & get thru a small walkway. Check out the clip. *You need the flying squirrel wings to get thru this part. 

Immediately after that puzzle were 2 swinging blades. After I made it past the 4 explosives part I was determined that I could make pass these 2 swinging blades. Check out the clip. I get pretty hype when I do get thru. 

In this final clip, spikes shoot down from the ceiling & it didn't take me too long to figure out how to get past this, without the Mark of Serenity suit. Check out the clip Jimmy!


Mark of the Ninja is a GREAT game, I can't stress it enough. MotN is the must play arcade game in 2012. With that said, we have 2 codes to giveaway. It's easy to enter. Leave a comment on this story & my review. 1 of your comments must pertain to the story. The other comment must discuss YOUR last favorite arcade game. You can say a PS3 or an Xbox 360 arcade game. The codes I have to giveaway are for Xbox 360. 

Mark of the Ninja is in serious contention for Arcade 2012 Jimmy Gem award winner. 

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Mark of the Ninja

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