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How to be a space renegade. Starring Jimmy Shepard commander of the PwNormandy! Kill aliens and squad mates and be a complete ass about it the entire time. Mass Effect 2!

It took me about 35 hours to play through Mass Effect 2. I did 98% of the side quests and all of the loyalty missions. I'm ready to tell you my opinion. Mass Effect 2 is totally super! Below you can ready my random takes and thoughts as they pop into my head while think about my experience with Mass Effect 2 during the last week.

There's been a lot of changes to the game. The combat and the dialogue game play are very similar to Mass Effect 1. First major change I noticed is no more Mako. The Mako was the tank/jeep you would drive around in Mass Effect 1 when you go dropped onto planets. Now you get dropped right on a linear path to your objective when you land on a planet. I only care, because I liked driving the tank/jeep around looking for items and loot.

Experience, Credits, Minerals all have specific values now and are used for different item upgrades and store purchases. The credits and mineral gathering are cool. You hack safes and PDA's for credits. I enjoy how you scan the planet looking for stuff, it's a cool mini-game and separates you from the regular game play. What absolutely seems absurd is somebody didn't realize you don't get experience for killing enimes. You get experience from completing missions and quests only. You don't ever level up during combat and that sucks.

Minerals are now used to upgrade your guns. You only get a couple of different guns to choose from and all the upgrades are universal. This is one of the first things that I didn't like. I liked having different guns with different sets of enhancements and different biotic armband thingys to choose from. This is also the reason why there is no inventory to manage on Mass Effect 2. Good and bad.

When you orbit planets now you have a scanner that you can "rub" all over the planet looking for spikes in the scanner for materials. You have a set number of probes you can luanch down into the planet and until you upgrade the scanner it's slow as shit. Fun for people who like to comb games for secrets. Planet depleted!

There are no more identical warehouses full of space thugs and random Jimmys to talk to. No more elevators either, although its just a loading scene of an elevator moving through a holo-map of the Normandy spaceship. The loading screens are cool though. I only miss the news of me ripping ass althrough the galaxy while you rode the elevators in Mass Effect 1. Plus all this adds up to make the galaxy not seem so big.

The voice acting is spot on again and the conversations are why this game is such a success. I am such an asshole in this game and it is so much fun. Female Shepards unite! +34 Renegade was the highest count I got in my first run through of Mass Effect 2. In Mass Effect 1 I got Renegade +25 after killing that entire colony that was poisoned. lol. The Mass Effect series is awesome!

Michael Dorn is Warf in Star Trek The Next Generation, the Klingon Jimmy! In Mass Effect 2 he voices every Krogan in the game. The Krogan are the most stereotypical race in the game. They have alien dog fighting on their home planet Michael Vick style. They all belong to different Krogan gangs represented by colors and names. Shoot first and axe questions later, the truth is ... it's all about the paper.   

During conversations now there are real-time events where you can be good or evil and those are fun and keep you paying attention. I pushed a guy out of the window once, and let random squad mates kill random people at will. Totally awesome.

The game is fun evil more than good. The story is interesting to watch and if you have a character to import from Mass Effect 1 you get a special feeling when you remember busting a cap in that Krogan that was on your team. The Krogans in Mass Effect 2 remind me of killing him and hate me because I destroyed the "cure" for their people also. Fuck'em.

I'm gonna try play through number two on insanity difficulty level because normal was just way to easy. You'll get 35 hours easy out of Mass Effect 2 and its a lot of fun. I say buy Jimmy! Unless you are the REAL Jimmy and will just Gamefly it now and wait two years for it to come in the mail. Don't be a Jimmy!

Mass Effect 2

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