Member Exclusive: Who wants some E3 2011 Swag?

By goukijones — June 21, 2011
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Member Exclusive: We're going to review the recent activity and select 5 members to take their pick from our E3 2011 Swag Bag. Check out all the Badass Niceness. Don't be a Jimmy!

Okay so over the course of the next couple of days we will be announcing the winners. Look at all of this beautiful stuff we got below. Take your pick. 

Mini Golden FightSticks from Mad Catz and if you are first pick on this you get the bonus lanyard as seen in the picture.

Aliens Colonial Marines T-shirt. You had to stand in line to get these. Please Specify L or XL if you choose this swag.

Bethesda Keychain Set. Skyrim, Prey 2 and Rage Keychain.

Bastion Bandana. First pick gets that sweet postcard as a bonus.

Dead Island Mystery Book. We don't know what's inside. 

Gears of War 3 Hot Topic Shirt. As seen on Ice-T during the Microsoft Press Conference. 2XL Only.

Star Wars Postcard set. I found these hidden in a back room at the Los Angeles Convention Center. *Rare

Toy Soldiers T-shirt. Please specify L or XL if you choose this swag.

What's a Lanyard? Take your pick from Nintendo Zelda, WWE '12, Microsoft Magic Marker or something else game. 

World of Tanks Media Kit. Demo, Pen, 2 tanks, and a T-shirt.

Kinect Blue Balls. LOLOLOLOLOL

Deus Ex Human Revolution Sleeves. You know like shirt sleeves. Just the sleeve part.

FnJimmy will show you. He got two. We got 6 more to giveaway.

One winner will be selected at a time and then he/she will make their pick of which swag they want. Everybody will get bonus stuff not in any of these pictures.

BONUS: After we select all of the winners, we will giveaway a bonus swag bag or towo, to anybody (including new members) who leave a comment on this story. So now everybody has a chance to win. Don't be a Jimmy. Good luck.

To qualify as a Member and enter this giveaway, you must:

  1. Sign up for
  2. Enter a XBL or PSN name
  3. Upload an Avatar
  4. Leave a comment on this story

*This is a contest and reserves all rights. Rules & prizes subject to change at anytime. Anybody abusing anything on will be banned immediately. We run a fair and legitimate operation here. Don't be a Jimmy. Thanks for playing.

[UPDATED] Jun 28, 2011 4:10:18 PM

Jun 28, 2011 by goukijones

The Contest Closed @ 5PM on 6/25/2011.

I got all the prize packages sorted. I think you Jimmys will be excited. I just posted a pic on Twitter. I'll be shipping out in a few days. Don't be a Jimmy!!/goukijones/status/85846737968836609


[UPDATED] Jul 6, 2011 11:13:45 AM

Jul 6, 2011 by goukijones

Here's a picture of all the prize packages going out today. You Jimmys know ships USPS priority mail. So expect your packages in the next few day. Don't be a Jimmy!


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